Oops. I did it again!

Maybe there is no hope for me. You might be able to tell that I have a thing for Crazy Lace Agate. NOT my fault – look at it! My only hope now is that I might be able to save others. For all you jewelry makers out there that struggle with cabochon addiction. Run! […]

Acting out.

‘As far as I’m concerned, if a person desires to write, it’s worth trying to find a way to do it, even five minutes a day, and what happens to the writing afterward is a separate issue. The act of doing it has enormous value on its own.’ – Aimee Bender. – I read an article this […]

I made a box.

And put an amethyst in it. I know. I said that amethyst was banned from my studio, See here. But it seems I am a glutton for punishment. The design of this pendant is really more a pocket than a box. I’ve been wanting to try something like this for a while now but wasn’t […]

A disturbance in the ranks.

The troops are gathering. And they’re looking pretty determined. Wally is keeping a close eye on them, whilst appearing nonchalant. And Spencer is on high alert. In a shrewd feign of guarding the jewels. Pickles, not photographed here, is undercover. Some might think that she is slightly ashamed of her body weight, but she is, […]


I woke up dreaming that my dad had died 🙁 Very sad. It set my day off badly. I called my dad and he was fine, but I still felt sad. So, today has been a drooping day. All of me is drooping, especially my face which kind of bothers me as it also feels […]

This week

I’ve been finger painting. Which I love, except now I have paint all over my bra strap. I’ve been pallet knife painting. Which I also love and it’s a little less messy – bonus. And, I’ve been doing, whatever the hell this is, Really not sure at the moment. It started off as an acrylic mess, don’t […]