Why I’m not an Olympian.

I’m going to try to photograph and list some new items of jewelry today. I’ve been a bit behind in everything since my dad is visiting, which is absolutely fine by me. Priorities are everything, right 🙂 Been watching some of the Olympics. Loved that the Brits got a bronze in gymnastics. I didn’t even […]

Kitty Fashionista.

Here’s Wally, waiting for his nails to be painted. I took all the cats in for their yearly this week, and yep, while dropping them off mentioned the doggy pedicure – again. I couldn’t help it, I think I’m still in the baffled and amazed stage. S, who helped me with the cats, gave me […]

I just don’t get it …

Yesterday we picked Willow up from the groomers. Yes, bless her heart, she was shaved again. I know she’s a girl, I know she’s a cocker spaniel and should have all that cocker spaniel hair, but – we live in Houston, and it’s hot. She also loves to ditch swim. Yep in the ditch. She […]

While it’s been raining.

Here’s what I’ve been working on while it’s been raining. I finished this and this, now they’re waiting to be fired. I made some of these, these are also waiting to be fired, after they’ve been cleaned up. They are going to be little triffid plates. I made one of these But I think I’ll only […]

Monday gloom.

Dentist this morning 🙁 Only a cleaning but the trauma of dentistry in England in the early seventies has left its toll. Our local dentist was a Mr Hoolian, aka, (o.k. only by me), Mr. Hooligan. Hated him. I’m sure he was a nice man but he had all of those sharp whirring tools, and […]