How To #4 – More links.

Cut 1″ lengths of 14 gauge sterling silver wire. This produces a fairly chunky link – you can experiment with different lengths and gauges to suit your taste. Now put the music on and bring out the christmas present you got from your middle child who thoughtfully wants to protect your hearing from the hammering […]

The way of the lost.

I may have got a bit carried away with this one. The houses are rightly shocked as they are being swept away downstream after the road collapsed into the river. Well, it’s just a beginning. Here are the first two. I don’t particularly like them which is why I think the houses went the way […]


I think its going to be a jewelry kind of day today. I haven’t made anything since my dad was here except to paint. But, I’ve now decided to give up on the painting. Yep, I’ve gone into my, I can’t do it and it’s bringing me down, stage. It generally happens after a few […]