It must be Monday again.

O.k. today’s the day I’m giving up painting again. This seems to happen on a regular basis now. This is what I feel like. Anguished. Pure droopy melodramatical anguish. Hence, the above, is a small angusishy photo, because I feel small and anguishey. (Yes, I know that’s not a word but I’m in too much […]

Just so you know.

I’m working on a new triffid. – It’s vaguely thundering out there and I love it. Hopefully we’ll get a storm with a good heavy downpour and moody skies. Right now, it’s just grumbling but it’s nice and dark and promising. – Happy Sunday ūüôā –

So, where were we …

As you may remember I made this link. Which was all well and good except that the chain I made with it costs 5¬†billion¬†dollars as it was so¬†time consuming¬†to make the ends smooth enough so that they wouldn’t catch on your clothes. (This bracelet is still for sale¬†btw¬†if anyone has the 5 billion in cash). […]

It’s all good.

This weekend was moving in day for B. I feel as though every bone in my body is broken, (O.K. well maybe just my shins and ankles), and I wont be able to walk again anytime soon. I’m also tired and my face is puffy. I think this is a mystery ailment. I’m probably allergic […]