Well, tomorrow’s the big day.

Spencer doesn’t seem that bothered. He’s decided to relax into the trauma of the world ending. I doubt he’ll even bother to get out of bed. I don’t think Scientific America seems that bothered either. They’ll probably get up though. – What does Siri think. Me: Do you think the world will end tomorrow? Siri: […]

The meaning of life …

So, prepare yourself for the next couple of days, or more likely weeks, when the hypochondria sets in, once again, as I’ve just finished sanding S’s room and found, wait for it, white stuff under my mask. Yes, I should have brought out the big mask. The, oh my god it’s so uncomfortable but I […]


(drum roll) I have finished the book! (I know some of you were really worried about how it was going). And it was good. Sadly inevitable but good. I’ve just sent it to my sister, and, as I was buying it on amazon u.k. took the time to read the reviews. A few of them said […]

I can’t stand,

The hatred. The anger. The discrimination. The fear. I can’t stand ignorance. Prejudice. Violence. Terrorism. Anything, in fact, that presumes one being is more important than another. I can’t stand the fact that we can’t seem to get that we are all here together. That we are one. That we shouldn’t need guns to allay […]