Is it love or do you just need to get comfortable?

Since when is my arm the new sofa?






I woke up this morning after dreaming I was pinned down by a steel beam.

Needless to say I was Wally’s new resting post.

No matter to him that I was laying on my side and he had to balance on the top of my arm. Or that I kept trying to turn over and he had to jiggle his position accordingly.

No matter that I was paralyzed by his middle-aged weight and had no use in my arm for ten minutes after I got up.

At least he loves me.

What more can a gal want.

0 thoughts on “Is it love or do you just need to get comfortable?

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    oooh, your Wally certainly makes me miss my Tomi so so much…

    it’s great to be loved by a cat 🙂

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      yes it is 🙂
      love your new little stuffed guy person.

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