This is today.

I finished sewing the flowers on the quilt last week, but then I just had to have a jewelry moment.

Also, a housecleaning moment!

Who knew that would happen. Have to take advantage of that when I can.

I changed my studio rooms around a couple of weeks ago, and am really enjoying not being so cramped.


Of course, I’ve still managed to fill every square inch of space.


I do try, every so often, to clean up a bit though.



I found some old clay pieces.


I particularly like this out of shape, cellulite-y, lumpy woman.


Makes me feel normal.

And I leave you today with

True Love.



P.S. Off to tackle the quilt border this afternoon.

Happy Wednesday.


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    You did it again–every time I see the photos of your studio, I want to get out into mine! I even see my favorite Tim McVeigh book on the counter there!

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      I know, right! We are so lucky to have one.

      I took the McVeigh book out to check out his granulation method. I was getting a bit tired of getting flat bottomed balls, and my charcoal block had just about died. I liked the sound of his method, rolling the balls off the block into a bowl of water. It sounded great, but didn’t work for me. I guess practice makes perfect.

      Btw. I loved the chocolates. Allll of them! They were a little melted as the post man left them on the doorstep in our Houston temperature, which, fortunately hasn’t been so hot this year, but I like my chocolates from the refrigerator anyway so all was good. And thanks for the coconut ones. Took me back to being a kid.

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        Oh, rats–I was worried about the candy going to Texas! It’s such a crap shoot this time of year. I’m glad you liked it anyway!

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    A very creative space!

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