Back to front.

I decided to try something I hadn’t done before. With a coral fossil, similar to this one, which wasn’t particularly inspiring me. It’s very round and very flat. So I saw a photograph of a back to front setting and thought I’d have a go. It’s a little bit boring, but next time I might jazz it up […]

It’s all very exhausting.

I finished the thing. I’ve never embroidered before, just cross stitched, and I must say I’m enjoying this more. I can do it faster and get more detail. I’m half way through another and after I’ve practiced more I think I’ll make a big one. I also finished this pendant. I bought the bottom Sonora […]

From funk to determination.

Yep the ol’ funk still. If you’ve been reading my blog for any time you’ll know I get them. I’m a funky kind of person – and not in the good way 😉 Well this one’s just been lingering around trying to make itself more important than it really is, and I’ve been plodding along almost going […]