So here’s the thing.

Even years used to be my favourite. Now you might say that this is magical thinking at its best, but I know that when you enter the dark world of odd numbers there’s just gonna be trouble in store. Just take a look. 1 3  5  7  9 Now you can’t tell me that all […]

A few lovelies.

Not a lot going on here at the moment. The tank ran out again. I think I’m averaging just over six months a pop which means that twice a year my life is on the line. This time I made the boy come with me. He wasn’t too thrilled about holding the tank in-between his legs […]

I sold it.

But before I posted it yesterday I took another photograph as I wanted to show you the back of the bracelet. I love making the backs almost as much as the front. And I started another painting. I’ve begun to realize that I’m a starter painter and not a finisher. I must have about fifty of […]


In case you’ve been worried. Spud has made it through the spaying op. It’s been hard. Touch and go really. But what a trouper. The rest period was tricky. She had to find it wherever she could. But the collar’s off and now she’s ready to go. – In other news. I’ve started putting a […]

The evolution of a bracelet.

In pictures. Because I don’t want to use my words today. Even though words are my favourite thing. I’m resting them. Because it’s Sunday. And it’s raining. And rainy Sunday days like to rest their words. Unless church is involved. In which case there is celebration with words. But I’m not in church. So I’m […]

Another quickie…

For anyone out there who would like a comprehensive tutorial on prong setting, bezel setting, and flush setting faceted stones, Ann Cahoon has one of the better demonstrations I’ve watched. You can download it to watch immediately or purchase the dvd. HERE Enjoy. Actually they have a lot of good dvd’s. And here’s another piece I’ve […]