Things are getting bad – please send chocolate. Or, as my good mate Charlie once said, Desperate Times…

O.K. so I didn’t actually know Charles Dickens, but I’m pretty sure I spotted him in the street that one time in my other life.

Think it was him, those Victorians look all the same to me…

So today, rather than wallow which I’m apt to do, I finally decided to implement Stage One of the rest of my life.

I think it will be somewhat easy with mostly difficult spells so sounds simple enough…

First up I have deleted all of the games I have on my phone. A huge beginning of which I’m immensely proud.

Of course it’s only been two hours, but I’ve only missed them once so far so I think it’s going well.

As a consequence I’m up and out of bed literally 45 minutes earlier that usual. This could change of course as I haven’t yet banished the computer from the bedroom.

Small steps…

I decided to launch Stage One as I’ve been having a really hard time with the death of my dad. It’s kind of taken me by surprise as I wasn’t so bad when my mum died.

Feel a bit guilty about that.


Maybe it’s because of this that for a while now I’ve been aware that my life has become rather middle-aged and flabby and It feels as though I’m living in a static world of nothing much in particular, so I think now is a good time to either make my move or forever hold my peace.

And so the first step toward my Brave New World, (didn’t know Huxley either which is probably a good thing as he’s a bit too intense for me in that extremely negative yet prophetic way of his) was to banish the phone games.

I feel rather liberated…

And now, with all my free time, I’m going to find some more positive things to waste my time with.


But first to the studio to finish this,


And to make another one of these.


Happy Friday.