Now …

The top is done eth … And I included her (secret) name. Because it’s always fun to find something hidden. Especially if you’re five years old 🙂 And so today. Make the back. Sandwich the batting. Find some thick orange thread. And quilt away. –

The top is done eth …

Well it’s all in place except for one or two final touches which I will do later. Also it’s without its border, but, apart from that, the top is definitely, almost, just has to be sewn together, done eth. Be sure to shield your eyes. It’s blinding! So, with sunglasses on, I peeled all the […]

It’s all about me.

FREEDOM!!!! Yesterday was my first day back in the studio. MIL flew back to England on Friday and so it was all systems go on Saturday. Well, that’s a small fib really as I didn’t get out of bed until 11, then we sat around watching West Ham take a thrashing from Sunderland until P […]

Well gosh.

Now I think I need one. – In other news … The quilt is back on. The corners are all but done. I decided to add a little red to the prongy bits, and the background is complete. Still not sure if the whole thing is drab, and, have to admit I felt a little […]