Just so’s you know …

I survived landing in the fifth most dangerous airport in the world.

(I know you were worried).

This is where we went.


La Almoraima, Spain.

For this.


My new sister in law and my old brother in law.

ma35 ma34 ma38 ma51 ma27 ma15 ma14

ma7 ma9 ma11 ma10b ma33 ma82

The weather was gorgeous, the location beautiful, and landing in Gibraltar was no big deal after all, mostly thanks to the chap who decided he was staying in the toilet for the landing. With all the shouting and banging on the door I hardly realized we’d touched down.

I had fun with my family and am a little homesick now, but I’m glad to be back.

Now on to the next big adventure.

After Gibraltar, bring it on!

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  1. Beth

    Beautiful wedding pics.

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