Once upon a time I said I’d show you my doodles…

But that I was afraid your computers would explode as I doodle all of the time.

Well buckle up, and perhaps you’ll want toย steer clear of any electrical outlets…









This was when I was having a little brain funk.


















Working on my font skills.




Now, you might say that they’re all the same, and you’d be right, so I don’t have anything to say about that, except that this is just a fraction of a fraction of doodles in about a couple trillion sketch books.

Before the jewelry was the pots.

Books and books of ceramic doodles.

And yes, even those doodles were similar to the jewelry ones.

It’s kind of nice to see a thread through all of my work, jewelry, pots, quilts, etc., even if they are all of these strange wacky images.

So I think you can see some of my jewelry in these doodles.

This is going to be today’s attempt.


Oh, and this was yesterdays.


But I’m hoping not to make anything like that one again as it’s horrible.

Onwards and upwards people.

We have a world to save…

0 thoughts on “Once upon a time I said I’d show you my doodles…

  1. I loved seeing your doodles! These look so much like pictures in my book Zen Doodling, which I just had to have for inspiration. I haven’t found the part of me yet that can make these wonderful drawings of absolutely nothing — I still just look through my book. But maybe someday …

  2. Diane

    I love your doodles! So whimsical and pretty.

  3. artworksjp

    What a wonderful collection of sketches! How do you choose which one is next to work with? Jan P

    • I don’t really. They’re just shapes, etc., that are a jumping off point for when I find a stone I want to use. Then I just fiddle around with it. I like to make just silver pendants, but the stone stash has to go down somehow…

  4. wiredweirdly

    Excellent! You have certainly developed a signature style! Some of your doodles would make for a fantastic tattoo, IMO. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Kathy

    Love these. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jane Winningham

    very nice coming out of your head,like dr seuss lovely drawings

  7. wow you werent kidding! i just loved having my morning coffee and seeing all your drawings-very inspirational and encourages me to doodle more!

    • And you encourage me to break out into more enameling ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. The stone for today’s attempt is so beautiful…….but it’s the artwork that’s truly dazzling. Especially, for some reason, their black-and-white-ness makes them seem especially intriguing. (That’s probably just me — I’m the same way about photography.)

    Do please let us keep up with how the stone you’ve started working with today turns out. Between your visual imagination, and the fascinating defects in the stone itself, it should turn out to be quite some work of art.

    (Back when I had access to a lab, it was such an interesting journey to look at minerals/gems at increasingly high magnifications on the SEM. Scrolling through your doodles yields a similar sense of exploring Wonderland. Thanks!)

    • I know. It’s a Graveyard Point Plume Agate, one of my favourites. I’ve almost finished the piece now, but had to come in as I think my torch is low on gas which will involve another death defying trip to the shop for a refill ๐Ÿ™

  9. Jody Beaman

    I always like the ones that either give you trouble or you don’t like. I love my heart necklace it feels good and goes with everything. This last one is just cool.

    • I’m glad you like it Jody, I was just thinking about it the other day in my insecure way lol

      I still have to get onto the whole insurance thing so I’ll hopefully get around to getting in touch with you later about it if that’s o.k.

  10. How intricate, detailed, and artistic your doodles are! I agree with Jane….they are very Dr. Seuss-ish. They remind me of walking through Seuss Landing at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL. Have you been there? If not you really should go!

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