Oh the trauma…

Lots of trauma.

First up, I had to have a tooth out.

I know, right!

Now I feel old and gappy, as though I’ve forgotten to put my dentures in.

It was a horrible experience and I’ve felt shattered the WHOLE week. I can only imagine what I’m going to be like when I have to have the implant. It’ll most likely freak me out completely.

I’ve already warned the dentist, but he says it’ll be o.k. as he’ll have his phone on hand and there’s this guy on youtube who does some great dental demonstrations if he needs to check in on the procedure.

Doesn’t help.

Secondly, much to P’s distress, I’ve been going through the whole Inspector Barbaby series on Netflix and all of a sudden, what do you know, it’s over.

No warning.

No nuffin’

It’s left a void, like a black hole imploding in my chest.

It’s going to take me a while to get over it, I mean, how do you recover from something like that…

Fortunately Netflix only went up to season 15 and so somewhere there’s another three waiting for me in the magical world of t.v. limbo land.

P will be delighted..

On a brilliant note, however, I had a great art fair last Saturday.

You know, I didn’t really feel up for it. I’d been a bit blah, as you all know by now from my recent groanings and moanings, but it was really good.

The weather was perfect. I managed to emerge from my introvert coma for the day, and we talked and laughed all day.

And, as you may know, laughing is my favourite thing to do…

I made $4,000!

I can hardly believe it.

Personally I think people were afraid, paid quickly and ran for their lives.

Whatever it was it worked, and I’m fairly sure Nepal is not going to worry about it.

Studio happenings are as follows.



Fell apart.

Don’t talk to me about it.

So I threw it around a bit, gave it a good sanding, and re made it.


The serpentine crumbled in the first setting so I had to re make the middle bezel and use his brother.

I can see I’ve still a little sanding to do in between the top two stones.

I’m also in the middle of this


Which I’ll hopefully finish today,

and I might knock up a few of these.








Because I hit the mother lode of Gaspeite


Exciting times…

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  1. paula

    Great gaspe–that is a nice chunk you scored! Sorry to hear about your tooth–it is a little weird when it’s gone. I had an implant but that was easier and less painful than having the tooth pulled so hopefully yours will go well also!

    • That’s good to hear because I’m thinking I might have to leave the country on my next appointment day for an unexpected emergency.

  2. Your dentist is funny! Things are usually less painful when I’m laughing. On your other topic, that is EXACTLY why I still haven’t gotten NetFlix. I’ve heard too many stories about getting caught up in them while life flies by. That’s all I need is another life-sucking escapist semi-addiction – or another thing to miss desperately that I never even knew I wanted. Here’s a little meme that made me laugh – but also reinforced my current stance on no Netflix in my house. I figure, once it makes it way in I’m doomed and frankly, I’m not ready just yet. Maybe next fall? http://lemonhearted.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/yall-got-anymore-of-them-episodes.jpg

    • That’s a great meme, I know just the person to share it with!

  3. Hilarious as usual….especially the bit about the dentures, and also the part where “people were afraid, paid quickly and ran for their lives.” Heeheeheeeeee!!! I needed a good laugh today so thank you for posting!

    You must have a ton of jewelry made up. If I had sold $4000 worth of jewelry my booth would be completely empty! But when I stopped by your booth at 6:30pm (right before closing time) your tables were full and well stocked, with no empty spots, as if you had just opened for the day. Amazing!

    • I’m nothing if not industrious. I’m a very fast worker, very focused, which is great for the jewelry, but sucks for all the other things that need to get done.

      I’m so glad you came to Market St. I thought you’d like it. It’s just a great little show, well organized and easy to manage. Be sure to come in the fall.

      • Well I’m amazed at how industrious and fast you are. That’s awesome! I should try to be more focused but I get distracted easily. I’m glad I came to Market St. also. Thank you for telling me about it. I will definitely sign up for the fall show. Now I just need to find several more shows of that caliber to do throughout the year!

        The only bad thing about it was that I had a pair of earrings stolen. I guess I need to set up the booth differently next time because there were several times during the day when there were a lot of people in the booth at the same time and it was hard to see what was going on at all the tables. Whoever it was, I hope they really needed those earrings!

        • I know. I’ve had something stolen from there before. I also hoped that whoever stole it needed it more than I did. It’s really hard to keep an eye on everything. Now my jewelry is getting more expensive I get worried about having it all out in the open like that, but unless I invest in one of those super duper jewelry booth displays I guess it’s a chance I have to take.

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