And now… Jump Rings…

I have struggled with making my own jump rings ever since I’ve been, well… making them. The only thing, in my opinion, more annoying than making jump rings is wire wrapping. Fortunately I don’t care to make wire wrapped jewelry, but on the odd occasion that I need to make something requiring even the simplest wrapping technique […]

I present to you the…

Pathetic Lump. Looks like a creature from the unknown. Not to be defeated I went on to make a bigger, better, stronger, Pathetic Lump So that the first Pathetic Lump would have a friend and not feel so alone in its patheticness. Little do they know that their friendship cannot last as it’s back to the flames with […]

It worked!

Thanks for all the good wishes. We had a great art fair and the weather was absolutely perfect. For a minute I thought we must be somewhere other than Houston. NO humidity what so ever. Brilliant. AND I met this really neat little old guy and we chatted forever about jewelry making. Loved him. Never had […]


I’ve got some things done. It’s been like pulling teeth. Every day I go into the studio just to find some excuse to take a break. Even after just fifteen minutes. When I can’t find a reason to leave the studio I just decide that I’m so thirsty I’ll die if I don’t get a drink […]

So the plan was…

That the chunky chain got a home. Didn’t happen. Instead I started a new painting. Yes, I know I said I’d given it up again… So I got this far and then decided I was bored with it. So I moved over to the jewelry area and half heartedly played around with some sketches and stones. […]

It’s a Monday!

Another chance to save the world. Today I am going to get out of bed and make something with my chunky chain. Can’t think what yet, but I’ve given up painting again so that will help get me back into jewelry mode. I’m a little concerned, however, as my alarm went off this morning and I […]

Chain making mania

I have it. And now I can’t stop even though they take ages to make And it means my prices will have to go up And I’ll never sell anything any more But they give so much more depth to the pendants that I don’t think I can turn back now. Man! Off to make […]

For Nancy.

The end caps. – You can make these plain or textured, wonky or straight, rustic or perfect, but these are the way I made mine for the pieces you’ve seen. I use fine silver. I buy all of my sheets in fine silver and most all of my wire in sterling. I like to use […]

So where were we …

Well my dad left 🙁 And then my sister left 🙁 And once again I find myself here, all alone, in this strange land they call Texas. – It was great to see them. I really had a good time. Dad was here for three weeks, which seemed like only one, and my sister was here for […]

And the winner is…

O.k so it’s not a winner exactly, but I felt that since we had talked about the chain I’m still impressed with myself for making, that it’s something of a big reveal to show you what I did with it. And so, without further ado, Open the curtains please… The Bracelet. Dah daaah. Lol Bit […]

O.K. So while I’ve been gone…

Nothing what so ever has happened! It’s just been a weird month that plugged into my hypochondriacal, so I’m going to die now am I, self, which only stopped yesterday afternoon. Nope it wasn’t big. Loads of people go through it. BUT I didn’t like it and I felt really really sorry for myself and […]

A Cautionary Tale…

So short story long, I had surgery on Tuesday. Just a small one concerning those parts of the body that an old grandma might refer to as the ‘unmentionable’ bits. It was nothing EXCEPT that I had to sign my life away, have HALF the blood drained out of me, have an EKG AND a […]

Another quickie…

For anyone out there who would like a comprehensive tutorial on prong setting, bezel setting, and flush setting faceted stones, Ann Cahoon has one of the better demonstrations I’ve watched. You can download it to watch immediately or purchase the dvd. HERE Enjoy. Actually they have a lot of good dvd’s. And here’s another piece I’ve […]

I prefer stone collector to addict…

I’ve spoken about my cabochon habit before, but today I thought I’d fess up. They do say that admitting it is the first step to recovery. Don’t judge me. They actually are more beautiful that the photo’s give them credit for. The colours didn’t come out well. I took them so that I could keep […]

And now…

I’m going to share with you my latest adventure into jewelry making where I seemed to have fire scaled the living daylights out of an innocent piece of silver… I have to tell you the truth, up until now I hadn’t given much thought to fire scale. I’d heard the word bandied around the jewelry […]

A hundred days of what?

I came across the 100 day project and thought why not. Trouble is I didn’t know what I’d want to do for a hundred days. I’m not usually up for challenges as I believe they are set ups for failure, but I thought, hey, I might give this one a go. So I decided I […]

Sad news

Guinness passed. It was quick. One day he was there, rummaging around his cage, making important decisions like what to have for lunch. Oh yeah, that dried up food in that little bowl there. That’ll do. Then he got pneumonia. And died. He went to the vets. Had an x-ray (don’t talk to me about […]

The boy is back in town.

And when the boy is back in town things happen that you didn’t want to happen. Like coming home to strange animals. First there was Guiness. Imprisoned for his sins. (If you remember he was found guilty of the sexual abuse and consequent death of Thor. RIP) Then Nutmet. The clumsy kitten with diarrhea. Thankfully that […]

Just a quickie…

I wanted to show you what I do when I’m buffing one of my pieces. Full disclosure here that I’ve only just started to do this because I’m the SLOWEST learner IN THE WORLD! You probably do this already so don’t rub it in. When it’s finished but before I put the stone in I give […]


I finished the custom order and the lady liked it! It was a nice surprise to hear from her that she wanted it. The day I finished it I told P that I didn’t think I was up for any more custom orders as it was just too hard for me to get to grips […]

Well I’m still here,

And I’m still bored. Maybe it’s the weather. It’s done nothing but rain since I woke up two months ago, and although I like it I think it might be making me a bit moody. The garden is loving it though. I’ve been thinking about water a lot just recently, and how we use it, […]

Nuttin’ but worry and indecision…

While I’ve been away, recuperating from the trauma of losing one of my most beloved teeth, I’ve been working on a couple of custom orders. (Actually, there wasn’t much recuperating going on, I was just boring myself silly with all the drivel I’ve been writing lately…) I’ve never really felt that comfortable trying to make something […]

On this fine Saturday

I thought I’d show you the result of this It’s a little green, but I’m liking it. Here’s the back. And that’s about it. I’m still mourning the loss of my tooth. A little bit of me just thrown away. Gone from me forever. But it’ll be o.k. I’m sure. Hanging out with all the other […]

Oh the trauma…

Lots of trauma. First up, I had to have a tooth out. I know, right! Now I feel old and gappy, as though I’ve forgotten to put my dentures in. It was a horrible experience and I’ve felt shattered the WHOLE week. I can only imagine what I’m going to be like when I have to […]

Back to front.

I decided to try something I hadn’t done before. With a coral fossil, similar to this one, which wasn’t particularly inspiring me. It’s very round and very flat. So I saw a photograph of a back to front setting and thought I’d have a go. It’s a little bit boring, but next time I might jazz it up […]

It’s all very exhausting.

I finished the thing. I’ve never embroidered before, just cross stitched, and I must say I’m enjoying this more. I can do it faster and get more detail. I’m half way through another and after I’ve practiced more I think I’ll make a big one. I also finished this pendant. I bought the bottom Sonora […]

From funk to determination.

Yep the ol’ funk still. If you’ve been reading my blog for any time you’ll know I get them. I’m a funky kind of person – and not in the good way 😉 Well this one’s just been lingering around trying to make itself more important than it really is, and I’ve been plodding along almost going […]

Let the quilting begin…

I had a bit of a slow day yesterday, but finally got the half-finished quilt out. Here’s where I had left off. About a year ago when I got bored with it. Even though it was practically finished. Sometimes it goes like that. So I finished putting the red dots on the blue doowhats and have […]

I’ve been thinking quilts…

I refuse to think that I’m in a funk. I choose to believe that I need a change of scenery. (Thank you Cecilia, By the way, did your tank come yet?) Beginnings… Not sure how far I’ll get with this one for now as I’ve another one half finished, but it has got my quilt juices […]

A few probs around the house.

First up, Nutmeg. Nutmeg isn’t mine, but she sure acts like it taking the best seat in the house and the cosy blanket. She’s the Boy’s, who showed up with her a few months back when he came home from university. Like we wouldn’t notice. Yes she lives with him, but did he not know […]

Complete overload.

It seems that I can’t handle too much internet at one time. Something had to give. Either that, or I’ve hit my boring stage. Whichever it is I’ve got nuttin’ except a few pieces of jewelry to share and I’m even beginning to bore myself doing that. Hang on, let me think… Nope, still nuttin’. […]


Is it still raining here! Is it not aware that we are Houston? That, yes it can rain, but not all of the time… I mean, I like a good downpour as much as the next person, but I want to take some photographs and, although the dark depths of doom sky is pretty cosy in […]

I’ve done it!

I’m not sure if it’s really up and running or if I’ve just imagined it all… but I’ve done it! It took me a week because I dithered around waiting to take some better photographs of some items, but it’s been cold, dark and dreary here so I kept putting it off because I like […]

Stepping it up a notch.

I’ve been making a lot of bracelets in my, step it up a notch, campaign 🙂 But first, look at this beautiful stone. Agua Nueva. Such a beautiful colour. I made it some links, and included some pearls. The grey ones are my favourite, although I do keep trying to like the other ones – honest. […]

Am I too pickled for opera?

Between you guys (sorry been in Texas too long) and the Flourish and Thrive course I’m really beginning to sort myself out… I think. Either way I’m enjoying myself. In January I decided to take my jewelry to the next level. To Infinity and Beyond. It started out a bit boring and at first I […]

Well O.K. then.

You thought I’d forgotten you hadn’t you 😉 Never. I’ve been trying to figure things out. I’ve just finished the first week of the Flourish and Thrive course, which has made me sit down and really think about my jewelry making. Of course this has brought out all my ambiguity issues. Do I want to take […]

I’m a bit of a chicken.

But I’ve thrown caution to the wind and joined Flourish and Thrive. So far I feel that I’ve been working on perfecting my jewelry making skills, but (scary but) perhaps now I’m ready to take another step. I’m trying to concentrate on the idea that you won’t die just by going up to your comfort line and […]

So I made it.

I found a welding shop a little closer to me and bit the bullet. Before I left I did find an online shop which would deliver a tank of acetylene to me the next day. I didn’t use it as I’d lost my wrench (i.e. someone took it) and couldn’t get the regulator off. As […]


I am back in the saddle. If you’ve forgotten, here is a view of the central control station. Where all of the good stuff happens. And some of the bad. All nice and tidy and ready and waiting. I keep thinking I would like to get myself a proper jewelry bench. I like the idea of […]

Now, where were we…

The MIL has gone. She left on Saturday and has returned home to the freezing cold and fog of London, but at least we had half prepared her for the weather as even here, in Houston, it’s been a bit chilly. By the way, fog is one of my favourite weathers. I love it. You […]