Show and Tell

Here are some Show and Tells

My hope is that you might find some tips on things that I struggled with when I first started to make jewelry and some things that are just fun to make along with some pieces of mine that you might want to have a go at yourself.

But please remember.

I am just a somebody muddling through. This is the way I do things. I am a wing it, try it, do it wrong, try again, sort of person. I do not maintain that I know what I am doing, only that I am trying to do it. Please feel free to enjoy my discoveries but follow your own research for professional advice and to perfect your skills. Above all, enjoy. Life is short.


The links to the tools and materials used are only examples of the ones I use. There are many different types available of the same tools, some better than others and some less expensive. If you are beginning your jewelry adventure, please don’t just buy the ones in the links here. Research until you feel comfortable that you are purchasing the right tool for you.


Banded Bracelet – HERE













Cheetah Jasper Necklace – HERE













Amber Cuff – HERE













Ocean Jasper Box Necklace – HERE













Amber/Turquoise Necklace – HERE