Good Night. It’s Sunday again!

Every time I look around it’s a new day gone by.

A new week.

A new year.

Just yesterday my dad and sister were here and it was July.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that it was going to be December already.

I wasn’t ready…

Not that I’m worried about Christmas. I’ve always been a wing it person when it comes to preparations.

In other words I forget all about it until it’s a week or so before, then I get a little worried that I’ve nothing done.

You’d have thought I’d have figured it out by now.

I’m so over worrying about doing things the ‘right’ way. I think it’s one of the best things that comes with getting older.

I could do without the achy joints though.

It’s the knees.

I think they’ve had it.

I remember when I was at art school lying on my bed one afternoon trying to figure out how old I would be when the new century came around.

Math was never one of my strong suits.

Or maybe my confusion was because I couldn’t ever imagine being that old.



And now that’s over and done with what else is there to worry about.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about me then and now. I’ve felt a shift and it’s kind of sad, but in an exciting kind of way.

It’s like all of a sudden I’ve become different.

Like a layer has been peeled away and I didn’t do it and didn’t want it to go, but now i’s gone and I’m left a little lost.

Like I’ve got to grow into the new me.

I’m a little worried that I’ll waste myself.

I think a new strategy is in order, one that hopefully involves finishing The Goldfinch because I’ve been reading it for five hundred years now and it looks like I still won’t be finishing it any time soon.

One that involves enjoying stuff, finding out the important stuff, not worrying about what people think about me, enjoying who I am, and finishing things that I love to do.

Looking after myself, and the people I love.

Getting out of bed and getting on with things instead of dreaming about doing them.

Being more spontaneous.

Not being afraid.

(I’m afraid of everything and it’s boring)

Using my powers for good.

And just doing it for heaven’s sake.

Do you think it’s too late for me to be an astro physicist?

Would the math part be a problem I wonder.

As I ponder these life problems I leave you with a new piece.


A little seed pod, plucked and fashioned into a necklace before it could grow into the fearsome Triffid it was intended to become.

For the time being at least, we can rest safe knowing that one more threat of world domination has been removed from this world and that we can all put our laser guns away.

day of the triffifds 1981-0000

And maybe get ourselves a good haircut and shave already…