I’ve got some things done. It’s been like pulling teeth. Every day I go into the studio just to find some excuse to take a break. Even after just fifteen minutes. When I can’t find a reason to leave the studio I just decide that I’m so thirsty I’ll die if I don’t get a drink […]

So the plan was…

That the chunky chain got a home. Didn’t happen. Instead I started a new painting. Yes, I know I said I’d given it up again… So I got this far and then decided I was bored with it. So I moved over to the jewelry area and half heartedly played around with some sketches and stones. […]

It’s a Monday!

Another chance to save the world. Today I am going to get out of bed and make something with my chunky chain. Can’t think what yet, but I’ve given up painting again so that will help get me back into jewelry mode. I’m a little concerned, however, as my alarm went off this morning and I […]