The top is done eth …

Well it’s all in place except for one or two final touches which I will do later. Also it’s without its border, but, apart from that, the top is definitely, almost, just has to be sewn together, done eth. Be sure to shield your eyes. It’s blinding! So, with sunglasses on, I peeled all the […]

The line up – revealed.

But first. Today’s cup of tea. Well, one of them. I’m usually a four cup a day girl. So, Here are the five great, Hope’s Quilt, bonanza flowers that have made the final cut. Except maybe this green one. Which might need a little something more. See, compared to the others, it’s a little too […]

New chain.

1.5″ lengths of 18 gauge fine silver wire. Wrap around a mandrel as below. Join together Ball up the ends with your torch. Fuzzy photographs. Sorry. Give it a friend. Repeat Repeat again. Until desired length. As this is fine silver the ends ball up perfectly, but the links are very soft. So, tumble to […]