Chain making mania

I have it. And now I can’t stop even though they take ages to make And it means my prices will have to go up And I’ll never sell anything any more But they give so much more depth to the pendants that I don’t think I can turn back now. Man! Off to make […]

For Nancy.

The end caps. – You can make these plain or textured, wonky or straight, rustic or perfect, but these are the way I made mine for the pieces you’ve seen. I use fine silver. I buy all of my sheets in fine silver and most all of my wire in sterling. I like to use […]

So where were we …

Well my dad left 🙁 And then my sister left 🙁 And once again I find myself here, all alone, in this strange land they call Texas. – It was great to see them. I really had a good time. Dad was here for three weeks, which seemed like only one, and my sister was here for […]