I’ve been away.

And it’s been great. Refreshed, revamped, and re everything else that I can’t think of right now. O.K. perhaps not exactly revamped, but I’m working on it. I’ve been thinking of going caveman again, except this time with a tiny amendment. Only a tiny one though. Otherwise everything goes to pot and I’m not a […]

Well done.

Andy Murray! 77 years since we’ve had a British winner. I played for the school once or twice, but I don’t think I was as good as he is. Almost, but not quite. I did have Fred Perry‘s old carpet though if that means anything. First married, no money, renovating the house, no phone, no […]

Someone please tell me.

How this can possibly be $4,200? (Pete’s Pots – any ideas?) It’s beautiful, and I was very attracted to it, and I thought to myself – Myself, this would be a great addition to your pottery collection don’t you think? But Myself wasn’t sure. So we looked at the price. Good grief, heavens to betsy, […]

I’ve been.

Revamping my shops. Sounds impressive to have shops. I almost feel grown up. – Shop 1 – Shop 2 – I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to set up a website, other than Etsy, or Tictail, from which I could sell my jewelry. I already have my own domain website, which I’ve created […]

By Jove.

I think I’ve got it! Well almost. Thanks to Bob. Who knows just the thing to give my photo’s a little more oomph. I think Bob is my new best friend. Until I find another one. You can try him out for yourself – HERE. But you can’t have him.┬áHe’s mine. Get your own best […]