I prefer stone collector to addict…

I’ve spoken about my cabochon habit before, but today I thought I’d fess up. They do say that admitting it is the first step to recovery. Don’t judge me. They actually are more beautiful that the photo’s give them credit for. The colours didn’t come out well. I took them so that I could keep […]

And now…

I’m going to share with you my latest adventure into jewelry making where I seemed to have fire scaled the living daylights out of an innocent piece of silver… I have to tell you the truth, up until now I hadn’t given much thought to fire scale. I’d heard the word bandied around the jewelry […]

A hundred days of what?

I came across the 100 day project and thought why not. Trouble is I didn’t know what I’d want to do for a hundred days. I’m not usually up for challenges as I believe they are set ups for failure, but I thought, hey, I might give this one a go. So I decided I […]

Sad news

Guinness passed. It was quick. One day he was there, rummaging around his cage, making important decisions like what to have for lunch. Oh yeah, that dried up food in that little bowl there. That’ll do. Then he got pneumonia. And died. He went to the vets. Had an x-ray (don’t talk to me about […]

The boy is back in town.

And when the boy is back in town things happen that you didn’t want to happen. Like coming home to strange animals. First there was Guiness. Imprisoned for his sins. (If you remember he was found guilty of the sexual abuse and consequent death of Thor. RIP) Then Nutmet. The clumsy kitten with diarrhea. Thankfully that […]

Just a quickie…

I wanted to show you what I do when I’m buffing one of my pieces. Full disclosure here that I’ve only just started to do this because I’m the SLOWEST learner IN THE WORLD! You probably do this already so don’t rub it in. When it’s finished but before I put the stone in I give […]


I finished the custom order and the lady liked it! It was a nice surprise to hear from her that she wanted it. The day I finished it I told P that I didn’t think I was up for any more custom orders as it was just too hard for me to get to grips […]