This is not a quilt blog.

Promise. It’s a, I don’t really know why, but, I want to do it anyway, blog. So. Sometimes it’s about quilt making. Sometimes it’s about jewelry making. And, sometimes, but not often, it’s about writing. Right now I wish it were about photography. Why is Mickey so small! O.K. that’s marginally better. Don’t ask me […]


I bought a cup. Really I wanted a mug, but, as I’m a fussy tea drinker, I wasn’t too sure about them. Now, coffee … I wouldn’t have a problem with. For me, good, strong, coffee, is best drunk from a good, strong (read think edged) mug. Tea needs a different rim thickness. A refined […]

Next up.

Cut out all of the pieces for the four corners, just so you don’t have to freak out later when you discover you’ve run out of a particular fabric and the store hasn’t got any more and you spend fruitless hours on-line looking for someone, somewhere, who can help you, all the while knowing that […]

Every so often

I get the quilting bug. Hence the trip to the quilt festival at the weekend. I finished N’s quilt quite a long time ago now, but, because of the jewelry making, painting, etc., I’ve not felt as though I’ve had enough time for quilt making for some time. But it’s always there, in the back of […]


I went to the Houston Quilt Festival. It’s held at the George R Brown Convention Center which must be one of the biggest buildings I’ve been in here in Houston.  By the end of it my legs felt as though they were going to drop off, and, we didn’t even see all of it. Here […]

My brain

 is worn out and itchy. Here’s its (my brains) work station before I started on the afternoons work of creating the next best children’s novel. Hahaha, in my dreams. But, it’s nanowrimo time, and, every year I say I’m going to do it, and, every year I chicken out at some point or another. Not this […]