Why everyone’s on the moon and is there a good reason why I haven’t thought about getting them off yet.

Yes you heard right, the moon. I stumbled upon this on-line e-course, that, for some reason I’ll never fully understand, I signed up for. I think I was having a ‘moment’. I’ve written about my moments before. Some of them are dark, moping, droopy moments. Some swirling, anxiety, omg moments. And I’m sure there are […]

The tale of two links.

Wondering what else you can do with those links? You remember the ones. Well fret no more. To find the post with instructions on how to make these click HERE,¬†however, I will recap. First make the links. This time I used 16 gauge sterling silver wire and I worked on them in a slightly different […]

Mostly dead.

Well it’s Friday. Damn if this doesn’t happen every week! I like Fridays but they’re coming around too quickly for my liking. I start on Monday thinking its a new life, a new start, a new, bright, wonderful opportunity to rock the world, lose weight and make beautiful, interesting, different art, and then before you […]

Baby steps.

Today I am going to work on this, and this, I’m going to try to keep with the acrylics on the first one. The bottom one, because I’ve already started over the acrylics with oil pastel, I’ll finish with the pastels. If I can follow through (always my problem) with the acrylics I think I […]