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I made a video on how to make the Link in Link chain for you, but right at the end, right at the crucial part where all the important stuff happens, I move my hands out of the camera view and you can’t see any of the good bits.

Here I’ve used two 3″ lengths of the Link in Link chain to make up this Mexican Fire Opal bracelet.

So a remake of the video is now on my to do list as it’s a really simple chain which you might like to have a go at making yourself. It’s fiddly, but once you get it down there’s nothing to it.

Just a note here on the videos I make.

I’m by no means an expert, but I don’t mind sharing how I make things with you. If you ever see something I’ve made and would like a, ‘behind the scenes’, just let me know. I’m not very good at making the videos. I can’t be bothered to delve into the tech depths of editing for instance, I’ve too many other things I’d rather be doing. So what I do in real time is what you get, so to speak, including all of my mistakes. And I do make mistakes which is annoying as oftentimes it’s just because I’m being lazy or not paying attention or I simply don’t really know what I’m doing and I’m making it up as I go along, but I think mistakes can also be good to share as it’s encouraging to see the ‘real’ stuff going down.

Well that’s my story anyway.


I also get very bored, very easily and don’t know what to do next so a video challenge gives me something to do.

Except for when I’m depressed then we ain’t getting nothing.

But the sofa sees a lot of action.

I get depressed a lot.

Just one of those things.

I’m also a bit all or nothing. I’m either going full steam and don’t lift my head up, or at a full stop wondering what the point of it all is.

You know how it is…

In other news. I went to the MFAH the other day to see the Royal Family which I really enjoyed. Well I enjoyed the Tudors and the Windsors. I didn’t care for the Stuart and Hanover paintings. Too wafty for me. I like the meat of the Holbeins.

I mean look at Anne with her lovely long neck.

I love the simplicity of this style of painting.

Unlike this style.

Which is a little too frivolous for me. I also don’t like all of the space around it.

Brilliant painting though.

He is George III. Mad King George. The one we got rid of in the U.S.

And here is Charlotte, his Queen, and interestingly enough the first black queen.

I didn’t know that.

Anyway. Back to the Tudors.

Lady Jane Grey.

What a tragedy.

Below is one of my favourite paintings of her in the exhibit.

According to the nice man on the audio tape it apparently was thought lost, destroyed in a flood, but was unexpectedly discovered rolled inside another painting years later in London with extensive water damage. It’s amazing how they were able to restore it.

You have to stand in front of it to feel the awfulness of it.

It was one of the only paintings in the exhibit that I felt compelled to go back to several times.

Then, of course, there was good old Henry himself.

Which was fantastical


Although this has to be my favourite.

I have to include one of the Earl of Essex of course because that where I come from.

He definitely looks like he knows how to get things done.

Thomas Cromwell

Of course he ended up with his head on the block.

And then there were the Windsors.

My people.

The Andy Warhol.

The Princess Di.

And this, my favourite, of the Queen.

I know. I know. Not quite her most flattering, but it was marvelous.

The one I stood in front of was the blue hologram (below) which doesn’t translate well from my photograph so I found you a decent one online.

It was mesmerizing. Almost magical.

Strange, but true…

Of course no good visit to the MFAH should end without a quickie to the African gold room.



A looksee at the wonderful little these things.


And a finish off in the what the hell happened in here room.




They make my rather large and peculiar butterfly necklace look rather mundane…

Happy Sunday.















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16 thoughts on “Just a hello…

  1. Patricia Fina Weaver

    I am so happy to get your latest mailing! I look forward to them and feel you are helping me to move forward on my own artistic journey. I am making your beginners silver jump ring bracelet right now. Its been on my mind for several months but my own ineptness has kept me from a roaring start. It seems that if I can’t get it perfect, I don’t do anything. Definitely a problem for me.

    Your museum visit and its recordings with comments is inspiring too. If I lived closer I would love to see the exhibit. I have been known occasionally to travel great distances for an exhibit but with the holidays coming up its not possible right now. So your comments were timely.

    I get inspired by your work, so please keep the dialogue going! Patricia

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      πŸ™‚ Thanks Patricia. I hope the bracelet turns out well πŸ™‚

  2. Gretchen Gooby

    I am so happy to be following your blog. Not surprisingly, you and I share an appreciation of imperfection and that translates for me anyway I to my silversmithing. I, too, battle depression and am caring for my mom as she nears the end of Alzheimer’s disease. I find my art to be the most healing thing I can do on days when everything is heavy. Your art inspires me and I thank you so much for being a light.

    Thank you, too, for sharing your museum visit! Love it!!! I especially appreciate the Queen Elizabeth portrait with her eyes closed. Pure magic~~~!

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Hi Gretchen.

      What a horrible thing πŸ™ Both my parents are gone and Peter only has his mum now and she has dementia. Watching a super smart, intelligent woman get frustrated that she forgets things and the anxiety that goes with it, and the sadness for her family, and then on top of it the way people forget that this isn’t who she really is and they only think that she is being annoying and repetitive and that she must be just stupid in some way. I hate it. Best wishes to you and your mum.

  3. Gretchen Gooby

    Thank you so much…

  4. Jean Watkins

    I love all of your postings!! They are so delightful!! Maybe they remind me of myself!!!

    • coldfeetstudioblog


  5. Julie T.

    I’m so looking forward to seeing how you made your newest bracelet. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find a link to the video you made?

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Hi Julie, I didn’t post the video as it was the one where I moved my hands from view πŸ˜‰ I’ll try to make one soon.

  6. Lenore Poitras

    Your piece at the end is lovely and a great tribute to the African gold section above. Love your blog!

  7. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing. I would never have the opportunity to see these museum paintings. They were fascinating and I love your videos and your work. Thanks for being a blessing!

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Thank you πŸ™‚ I don’t go to the museum as much as I would like. I always feel bad for not making as much time for these things as I do. There’s so much good stuff out there…

  8. ELoise

    Hello, It is nice to hear from you again. I enjoyed reading about your visit to the MFAH. We recently went to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam with our kids and took a tour. All of the art was amazing but we especially enjoyed this painting…. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Frans_Hals,_De_magere_compagnie.jpg
    We had a laugh about how the men were looking so effeminate, and then found out that in those days this was a very manly and macho pose.

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Ha! That painting is definitely the guys living it up lol

  9. Keirsten Giles

    Thank you for the post! I always enjoy seeing your new art (I like that really organic-looking bezel), and hearing your musings (love your sense of humor!). The tidbits from the MFAH are awesome! I think I do like that simpler style of portraiture too. (I think somebody let his obsession with draperies run away with him.) Thank you also for sharing your struggles, I can identify with much of what you say and I feel better hearing someone talk about it. I hope you have happy holidays!

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      πŸ™‚ Thanks Keirsten.

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