Very slowly, the dollhouse is squeaking along. I’m still spending most of the time sitting and looking at it, and thinking about it, and looking some more at it, because quite frankly I don’t know what I’m doing. And don’t even get me started on scale. I’ve decided not to worry about scale… As a […]

I always knew I was messy

But I’m ashamed to say that yesterday I actually took my dollhouse from one room into another when the mess became too overwhelming – even for me. Yes, I walked away from it. I love the concept that we create from chaos. The fact that I can take perfect lengths of fabric and cut them […]


I woke up one day and had nothing to say. Actually it wasn’t one day as it had been creeping up on me for some time. Since my dad died to be honest. And that was that for the blog. And for my motivation. I don’t really know if I’ve come back from being gone […]

It’s on!

I don’t do New year’s resolutions because they make me anxious and I just feel set up for failure. I prefer to call them good intentions. To be honest I have a lot of good intentions throughout the year which I often fall short on, but it always feels on-going for me. Like I haven’t […]

It’s been a while.

A couple of biggies happened this year which seem to have blown me off course. First my middle daughter got married in April which was lovely. My son and I arranged and decorated for it and I must say that Stephen turned out to be a great wedding planner – much to his mortification at […]

It’s been a while.

A couple of biggies happened this year which seem to have blown me off course. First my middle daughter got married in April which was lovely. My son and I arranged and decorated for it and I must say that Stephen turned out to be a great wedding planner – much to his mortification at […]

Rings and Buffer happenings

I thought I’d just offer a little tip, but then decided I would go ahead with another quick show and tell on how I make a simple ring – I want to say shank, but am pretty sure that’s not what it’s called and I can’t for the life of me think of another name […]

Loop in Loop take 2

Hopefully you’ll be able to see what I’m doing in these videos as the first time I tried to make it for you everything at the end was out of the camera line and so was kind of a non starter 😉 – For this particular chain I’ve used 20 gauge fine silver. (You can […]

Just a hello…

I made a video on how to make the Link in Link chain for you, but right at the end, right at the crucial part where all the important stuff happens, I move my hands out of the camera view and you can’t see any of the good bits. Here I’ve used two 3″ lengths […]

A show and tell for Keirsten…

  Although I don’t pronounce her name correctly. Sorry. :/ Not my fault really as I don’t know anybody called Keirsten and so don’t have much opportunity to say it. As always this is just a show and tell. I’m not even sure if I wanted to show this one as I think it’s really boring. […]

Happy New Year!

I was going to write about my New Year’s Intention to work on protecting my boundaries without feeling guilty and how Joe from Little Women is my new, just be yourself, hero. I was also going to tell you about the face rash I developed the week before I was due to fly to England […]

Chrysoprase Necklace

This past week I gave myself a Pulling Teeth Challenge because that’s just what making jewelry, or anything else really, felt like. I think I’ve been a bit down for a good while just recently and then, all of a sudden, the sister of one of my good friends died. Just like that. She was […]

The How To’s of a ring.

For Patti. This really is a fairly simple ring to make. Honest. I used 23 gauge fine silver sheet, 18 gauge sterling silver wire, and 10 gauge fine silver wire. Remember that you’ll have to accommodate for the silver around the cabochon you choose to determine the final size of the ring. – First up this […]


I had the old end of the world earthquake dream this morning. It wasn’t all bad. As we waited for the pre-quake green black apocalyptic storm clouds to totally cover the sky a small van pulled up down our road handing out supplies to the residents. Did we need any survival supplies? I chose a […]

The anatomy of a stone cuff.

This is going to be a long one. You have been warned… – I thought I’d show you how I made one of my cuffs. So if you want to make one yourself, and if you’ve the patience to get through this post, here are step by step instructions. Before we start you should know that a lot […]

Hello. It’s me…

I come to you today with my new, ‘stepped up’ pieces of jewelry which now I actually think of as being more ‘stepped out’. They kind of happened when I wasn’t paying attention. Which I highly recommend. – I’m a very anal creative. With the pottery, with the quilt making, and with the jewelry making, I […]

Time to step it up – again…

I’m still doing a lot of things wrong. Mostly it’s because I’m impatient which, of course, often times means that I end up needing to work on something for longer anyway because I didn’t pay enough attention in the first place. So I’m going to step it up. Again. I know I stepped it up once before, and that was […]

Orderly disorder.

I thought I’d share with you my inventory system. For years I just put all the jewelry I made into little bags and popped them in a drawer until I sold them. This worked well until I started to drown in finished jewelry pieces and found myself becoming more and more fraught with anxiety each time I […]

Happy place…

So it’s been a year. Well a couple of weeks shy, and I’m finally beginning to sort myself out. Now I know why the Victorians had the whole black thing going on. It’s like a code for, Back off, I’m not quite right and might explode at any time. Tell me, would you approach this […]

Checking in.

As those of you that read my blog know, I’ve kind of lost my way since my dad died, but I don’t want to give up just yet. My trip home was good. I only had a cry three times, including one where my sister lovingly tossed me a used tissue. Bless her. Probably why […]

I’m off to jolly old England :)

I gave it a smiley face there because I’m really happy that I’m going home to see my family, but even as I write this I can feel the anxiety tingling away in my chest having a party all on its own. Big chicken when it comes to flying. Big melodramatic chicken. I’ve spent this […]

What’s not been going on.

Getting out of bed for one. Not cool. I’m just up and it’s midday. I keep telling myself, don’t think about it girl, just put your feet on the floor and straighten them knees up, but as I always over think everything I’m still waiting for that to work. And then, when I’m finally up […]

Strange times.

As I come to think about my blog and all the friends I’ve met through it, I find that I can’t quite ignore the bad feelings that have exploded leading up to this election. I’m not completely sure what has happened to us all. I’ve found myself caught up in my own fair share of Facebook propaganda […]

After a slow start

I’ve finally picked up the pace again. I’ve mostly been doing custom orders which is kind of nice in that terrifying kind of way. First there was this one which I made using the customers own stone. And then a ring, again using the customers stone And finally one with yet another customers stone. This […]

Fred and Sylv.

My life just slipped into what it is now. Like just the other day around 55 years ago I was just starting on it, and now I’m still just starting on it. I have an on again off again relationship with making a go of it. It being whatever I think I’d like to be […]

I gave it my all

I did. But now I’m done with the Art Fairs. I gave it ten years. I persevered through the Houston heat and that one bizarre time when at the same time of year I nearly froze to death it was that cold. Honest I did. But yesterday even the good ol’ Texan boys were complaining. Grown […]

Everything was going so well.

Things had picked up. They’d moved on from the funk. Even I liked the pieces I was making. I know, right! I should have known something was up when it took me five years yesterday to solder two caps onto the ends of some wire. I should have walked away then. But no. I had to […]


FOUR days with no tears! I was beginning to despair. And yesterday after finding I needed to sleep on the sofa from 2:30 to 4:30, which I guess is another symptom of grief, I finally made it into the studio. I nearly came straight back to the sofa as I had no energy whatsoever, but […]

Apologies for not being around.

I can’t seem to get back into the swing of things. It’s o.k. I am in the studio though so that’s good otherwise I might have to start worrying. Since we last spoke I’ve sparked up the old slab saw and cut my first cabs on the CabKing. The Lapidary machine is a lot faster than the JoolTool […]

I’nt it cool…

So I finally got around to starting up the new ol’ slab saw. You remember. The one I got after my dad died because I got to thinking why does anything matter anyway so why not. No? O.K. so I think maybe you might be getting the new ol’ slab saw a little confused with the other new […]

So here’s the thing.

Even years used to be my favourite. Now you might say that this is magical thinking at its best, but I know that when you enter the dark world of odd numbers there’s just gonna be trouble in store. Just take a look. 1 3  5  7  9 Now you can’t tell me that all […]

More paintings…

A while back I decided to take the 100 faces painting challenge. Why! I know darn well that I never keep up with these sort of commitments. So I’d only done two up until now. This one And this one But yesterday I fought all day with finishing these I just started to get really bored […]

Alrighty then…

I bought myself a new toy. I decided to give myself a pick me up after, you know what, happened. Now, whenever I grind a stone, I can imagine my dad did it with me. We’ll be in it together. Trouble is when it arrived my immediate thought was to phone him to tell him […]

Off again…

I’m off over to England again and won’t be around to tell you of all the happenings and anguishes of studio life for a while. Last Friday week my dad died and so I’ve been dealing with all the happenings and anquishes of real life. Sometimes real life sucks. Anyway promise not to forget me […]

A few lovelies.

Not a lot going on here at the moment. The tank ran out again. I think I’m averaging just over six months a pop which means that twice a year my life is on the line. This time I made the boy come with me. He wasn’t too thrilled about holding the tank in-between his legs […]

Darn you Cadbury

For bringing out those sweet little chocolate bird eggs again! Every. Single. Year! O.k. so now that’s out I’ll move on to the blog post. Whilst I eat my chocolate eggs. And put on the pounds as I do so. I don’t eat a lot of sweets, but for some reason those little eggs are the […]

Eeet is finished

I enjoyed making this one. It was quite satisfying as I went from not being able to solder a darn thing last week to not being able to put a foot wrong this week. I’m going to have to commit this one to memory as I tend to go straight to complete despondency when something […]

O.K. so today…

Is a big day. I’m trying not to get too excited, but… It’s bathroom cleaning day! Can I hear a yah! You know, if only people would refrain from going in there I wouldn’t have to keep cleaning the darn thing. It’s o.k. though as I seem to be struggling with everything that I touch […]

Nothing to report

It looks like there’s not going to be a lot going on from here on out until I get back from England. So I leave you with a little Happy Christmas gift to remember me by. Have a great holiday. Be safe. Be happy. And eat all the pies you can get your hands on… […]

I sold it.

But before I posted it yesterday I took another photograph as I wanted to show you the back of the bracelet. I love making the backs almost as much as the front. And I started another painting. I’ve begun to realize that I’m a starter painter and not a finisher. I must have about fifty of […]


I started another painting yesterday. It’s very orange… and pink. I think I shall call it – Blinded by the Light of the Glorious Hills. I’m determined to persevere with the darn paintings. Every so often I think I’ll have a go and then spend the day wallowing in and out of disappointment and moaning […]

And we’re off.

We’re away for a week in Rockport TX. Not necessarily my favourite place in the world, but as P likes to fish it’s the best we can do without driving more than four hours, or taking a flight. But it’s beautiful today. Yesterday we had, what was supposed to be a big storm, blow in through Houston, […]

New pieces.

And the old one taken in better light. Well o.k. perhaps not so better. I have a lot of trouble taking photographs. Alongside putting on chains it’s probably my least favourite thing to do, especially as I like to take them on this one particular tile outside my back door and so it means getting […]

It’s done.

But I’ve kind of lost my umph again. It took me two days to make this because I just got bored with the whole thing. I must have five different pieces lying around on my table just waiting to be loved, and not one of them thrills me. I even got some of the old paintings […]


In case you’ve been worried. Spud has made it through the spaying op. It’s been hard. Touch and go really. But what a trouper. The rest period was tricky. She had to find it wherever she could. But the collar’s off and now she’s ready to go. – In other news. I’ve started putting a […]

The evolution of a bracelet.

In pictures. Because I don’t want to use my words today. Even though words are my favourite thing. I’m resting them. Because it’s Sunday. And it’s raining. And rainy Sunday days like to rest their words. Unless church is involved. In which case there is celebration with words. But I’m not in church. So I’m […]

It is over.

I have been banished. WordPress doesn’t like me anymore and I don’t know why. They have thrown me out with the bath water. And everything is gone. 🙁 I have e-mailed them, but my appeal for clemency seems to have become lost in the vast unknown as I’ve yet to receive a response. Aparently I have […]

My brain on art.

I had to have a bit of a tidy up yesterday as it was all getting out of control. Even I can’t operate under these conditions, and, believe me, I tried. I truly think that this is what my brain looks like. Cluttered with everything going on at once. No wonder I get nothing done. […]

So …

I’m going to try to make this today. I started it last night, but it all started to go to pot and I decided to call it a day. It’s a beautiful piece of turquoise. The colour is just stunning. Seems a shame to mess it up with my design but, as usual, I just […]

Poor ol’ Wal :(

I thought I would show you a pic of Wally Walnut. See. Depressed. P says he always looks like this, but I know better. Here he is in his go to, I’m feeling low, place. Here he is looking after his old pal. Whether he wanted looking after or not. Now he’s just got me […]

While I’ve been gone.

O.K. So perhaps I haven’t really been gone. Except to the land of    Complete. And. Utter. Boredom! I’ve been bored and lonely as P went to England again – without me (again), and I was left behind with only the cats for company. And Willow. Who’s been a nightmare. A nightmare! I’ve taken her for walks. […]

I am sick

Again. The people who live in this house with me have coughed, and spluttered, and sniffed their germs with abandon throughout this holiday. Now they are up and running and happy and have left me behind in their wake of illness. I have now pulled every muscle in my abdomen through coughing and am feeling […]