How To #4 – More links.

Cut 1″ lengths of 14 gauge sterling silver wire. This produces a fairly chunky link – you can experiment with different lengths and gauges to suit your taste. Now put the music on and bring out the christmas present you got from your middle child who thoughtfully wants to protect your hearing from the hammering […]

The way of the lost.

I may have got a bit carried away with this one. The houses are rightly shocked as they are being swept away downstream after the road collapsed into the river. Well, it’s just a beginning. Here are the first two. I don’t particularly like them which is why I think the houses went the way […]


I think its going to be a jewelry kind of day today. I haven’t made anything since my dad was here except to paint. But, I’ve now decided to give up on the painting. Yep, I’ve gone into my, I can’t do it and it’s bringing me down, stage. It generally happens after a few […]

A rainy Pissarro kind of day.

Big storm last night and it looks like more rain today. Right now it’s dark and cosy. A good reading day, but, I’m thinking studio … A while back I started this, which turned into this, then this, and now this, As always I think I prefer the first one. Bummer! Today I’ll be continuing […]

It’s O.K. really :)

Update from this mornings post. – So, perhaps the hair didn’t come out so well but I had a jewelry sale this morning which topped me close to the $1000 mark. Okay, so I didn’t really make $1000, as P would be eager to point out to you, as I have never worked my jewelry […]

When Hairy met Scary.

Dad’s gone, the garden is a disaster and I’m getting my hair cut today. Sounds like it’s going to be a touch and go day. Actually dad’s going wasn’t as bad as it usually is. I hate to see him go and it always seems as though we just do a drive by at the […]

Studio time.

It doesn’t look as though I did much more to it but I managed to sneak back in the studio yesterday and now I have this. I’m not sure if I want to put the windows and doors in. I kind of like it without them. My houses always seem to look a bit shocked […]

Meanwhile …

Not a lot being done around here. I didn’t take any new photos to list but I have been buying up all the bead supplies on Etsy … People aren’t allowed to visit me any more because I turn into super sofa sitting girl with my veins plugged into the computer. Here are some things […]