So I made it.

I found a welding shop a little closer to me and bit the bullet. Before I left I did find an online shop which would deliver a tank of acetylene to me the next day. I didn’t use it as I’d lost my wrench (i.e. someone took it) and couldn’t get the regulator off. As […]


I am back in the saddle. If you’ve forgotten, here is a view of the central control station. Where all of the good stuff happens. And some of the bad. All nice and tidy and ready and waiting. I keep thinking I would like to get myself a proper jewelry bench. I like the idea of […]

Now, where were we…

The MIL has gone. She left on Saturday and has returned home to the freezing cold and fog of London, but at least we had half prepared her for the weather as even here, in Houston, it’s been a bit chilly. By the way, fog is one of my favourite weathers. I love it. You […]