I sold it.

But before I posted it yesterday I took another photograph as I wanted to show you the back of the bracelet. I love making the backs almost as much as the front. And I started another painting. I’ve begun to realize that I’m a starter painter and not a finisher. I must have about fifty of […]


I started another painting yesterday. It’s very orange… and pink. I think I shall call it – Blinded by the Light of the Glorious Hills. I’m determined to persevere with the darn paintings. Every so often I think I’ll have a go and then spend the day wallowing in and out of disappointment and moaning […]

And we’re off.

We’re away for a week in Rockport TX. Not necessarily my favourite place in the world, but as P likes to fish it’s the best we can do without driving more than four hours, or taking a flight. But it’s beautiful today. Yesterday we had, what was supposed to be a big storm, blow in through Houston, […]

New pieces.

And the old one taken in better light. Well o.k. perhaps not so better. I have a lot of trouble taking photographs. Alongside putting on chains it’s probably my least favourite thing to do, especially as I like to take them on this one particular tile outside my back door and so it means getting […]

It’s done.

But I’ve kind of lost my umph again. It took me two days to make this because I just got bored with the whole thing. I must have five different pieces lying around on my table just waiting to be loved, and not one of them thrills me. I even got some of the old paintings […]