I wanted to

take a photo of dinner last night. But I forgot. Here it is at the end.   It’s hard to see exactly what we had, so I’ll help you out. We went to our mussel friends house and ate mussels cooked in butter, white wine and thyme. To be honest the liquid is as good […]

Just so you know.

It’s 46 ¡™£¢∞§¶•••ªªƒ©˙∆˚ (O.K. that’s me trying to find the degree sign. No worries, I think I got it). It’s 46˚ out there today. Very nice. I feel as though I can breathe. Although Wally has decided that he’s better off under the bed clothes. Either that or he’s hiding from the wicked step cat […]


I’m working on today. Only it doesn’t quite look like her yet. I had a bit of trouble getting back into my studio after the art fair. I typically go through a, what’s the point, period afterward, but, it’s over now. I think. I’m off out this morning, but, I’m looking forward to getting back […]


Was the art fair. The weather was perfect. Which is unusual to say the least. It’s usually hot as hell, even though it’s near the end of October. Here is my booth. Every year, well twice a year really, after I pack up from doing this fair I swear I’m going to re vamp my […]

It must be Monday again.

O.k. today’s the day I’m giving up painting again. This seems to happen on a regular basis now. This is what I feel like. Anguished. Pure droopy melodramatical anguish. Hence, the above, is a small angusishy photo, because I feel small and anguishey. (Yes, I know that’s not a word but I’m in too much […]

Just so you know.

I’m working on a new triffid. – It’s vaguely thundering out there and I love it. Hopefully we’ll get a storm with a good heavy downpour and moody skies. Right now, it’s just grumbling but it’s nice and dark and promising. – Happy Sunday 🙂 –

So, where were we …

As you may remember I made this link. Which was all well and good except that the chain I made with it costs 5 billion dollars as it was so time consuming to make the ends smooth enough so that they wouldn’t catch on your clothes. (This bracelet is still for sale btw if anyone has the 5 billion in cash). […]

It’s all good.

This weekend was moving in day for B. I feel as though every bone in my body is broken, (O.K. well maybe just my shins and ankles), and I wont be able to walk again anytime soon. I’m also tired and my face is puffy. I think this is a mystery ailment. I’m probably allergic […]