It is over.

I have been banished.
WordPress doesn’t like me anymore and I don’t know why.
They have thrown me out with the bath water.
And everything is gone.
I have e-mailed them, but my appeal for clemency seems to have become lost in the vast unknown asĀ I’ve yet to receive a response.
Aparently I have violated something in their terms.
But I don’t know what.
I’m hoping it isn’t something soĀ bad that there’s no returning from it.
I couldn’t bear the shame…
And all of this on a day of horror, torture and pain.
Yes, for all of you who have been reading my blog, even though you’ll probably never find me againĀ and I will from this point forthĀ beĀ forever rambing on and on to myself, today was the day I had to visit the evil dentist man to have an implant screwed into my head.
Good night!
Seriously, could he have screwed whatever it was he was screwing into my bones, (with an allan wrench no less), any tighter?
I’m pretty sure it was an allan wrench. I couldn’t actually see it but…
So here I am.
Writing my blog on this alien format, hoping that I’ll get the hang of it soon and that somewhere out there there’s an app willing to check my spelling.
Not a job for the weak hearted.
My next post will be the one they threw me off my blog for.
Well, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the reason, but as I don’t know yet what I did wrong I’ll just be going with that for now.
To all of my friends who may never find me again.
I miss you already.
I’ve now bought my own domain and find that I can still use the themes on WordPress.
I’ve managed to move over all of my content from to, but not my images so I’ve hidden all of my old posts for now because they don’t make sense anymore.
Especially if you’re a visual person.
Like me.
So I’ve still a little unpacking to do here at my new home and haven’t quite got the hang of the new appearance and how I want it to look, but apart from that I’m just happy to have a blog to ramble away on until my heart’s content.
Please note that you won’t be receiving notifications of my new posts, at least I don’t think you will, so if you want to continue getting an e-mail when I post somethingĀ new, please subscribe again.
I’d love to see you