The boy is back in town.

And when the boy is back in town things happen that you didn’t want to happen.

Like coming home to strange animals.

First there was Guiness.

Imprisoned for his sins.

(If you remember he was found guilty of the sexual abuse and consequent death of Thor. RIP)


Then Nutmet.

The clumsy kitten with diarrhea.

Thankfully that little episode is over now,

but she’s still here…


And then, just when we thought we were safe, we come home to a strange dog standing deathly still and silently staring at us with his eerie eyes.

As though he owned the place.



Actually that was kind of freaky and I was glad to find out that the boy had brought him over from a friend’s house because he was scared of the noise from the graduation party going on there and that he was going home that night.

He was just so completely quiet and his eyes, though beautiful, gave me the creeps.

Next up.



What can I say.

Ridden with fleas. Just the way we like ’em.


Here she is preparing for the flea washing ritual.


She wasn’t happy.

It was kind of tragic seeing her cling on for dear life to the enemy.

Yes, the water of death comes from the faucet little one.


She was left utterly exhausted


But very soft and fluffy.

That’ll teach her to turn up without an invite.

Ultimately Pickles (don’t look at her fat) is just baffled as to why these creatures keep turning up


And Wally and Willow are just so over the drama already.


They can’t even be bothered to pretend they’re interested.



In the studio I’ve been working on my silver scraps.

I’ve loads of them.

Four years worth I should say, give or take a year.

This is what’s left after my scrap silver melt down extravaganza.


A while back I bought a new torch head because the one I use for soldering didn’t give out enough flame to melt anything and I was just wasting gas.

The one I use for soldering is a number ‘0’ (can there even be a number ‘0’?) and I really like it.

So, not one to mess about, I decided I’d get a number ‘4’ nozzle.

That’d show the scraps.

 Well it came and veritably scared the sh@* out of me when I tried to light it.

The bang was a loud explosion of black smoke and I thought I’d have a heart attack right there at my table and no one would find me until it was time for dinner.

After the initial shock, and not one to give in to intimidation, I decided that the thing was obviously new to the game and was just adjusting itself to its new job and so I tried it again.

It scared the sh@# out of me just the same this second time,

and the third

and the fourth…

Don’t tell me I’m anything if not determined.

Eventually I decided that perhaps continuing wasn’t the best idea I’d ever had and that my heart probably couldn’t take a fifth explosion so I packed the torch head back in its box and sulked a bit before giving up on the scraps as a lost cause.

They’d have to go back to Rio.

That was until I had the bright idea of ordering a number ‘2’ head.

This one.


Now it might sound obvious to anyone reading this that a number ‘4’ was just way too large for the job I needed it for, but why the h@#$ would a jewelry store sell a torch head that could take down the Eiffel Tower just by looking at it?

Not my fault.

The number ‘2’ worked like a dream and now I have a huge stack of silver just waiting for something to do with itself.

Look at it!


It’s brilliant.

So here’s to my little scrap necklaces.


This could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship.


May you always choose your torch head with care

and not blow up…