Dendritic Lanscape Agate – How to fix it…

Here’s a little ‘how to fix it’ for when something decides to fall off your almost completely finished piece of jewelry so that you don’t need to pull your hair out.

The subject of this video series.



You can watch these videos on YouTube, but will have to come back to this page to find the next in the series. I do this as often I forget to mention things in the videos and will write notes to accompany them. Because of this they are not stand alone videos.


Stone from @godsownpaintings on Instagram

Burnisher – riogrande #113017

Optivisor – – #113214 – This one comes with four lenses. You can chose to buy the optivisor and buy just one sense.

Sticky wax – – #700187 – NOTE: There’s lots of sticky wax out there, this is just the one I have. Fair warning – there’s loads of it in the box and it will probably last you a life time…

You can find a selection of flat headed diamond burs – HERE


NOTE: Some stones are more delicate than others and you may be more likely to scratch the surface of them if you’re not careful. I’ve found that, for whatever reason, the dendritic agates are fantastically forgiving…

If the stone you’re trying to remove is exceptionally thin (as the one I’m using is), or is delicate any way, you have to be really careful when you press on it with the wax stick so not to crack it.

Here’s hoping that none of your bits fall off…



Dendritic Landscape Agate

5 thoughts on “Dendritic Lanscape Agate – How to fix it…

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    Hi Deborah! I’ve been involved in a move for the past few months and am just now able to start focusing on getting back in to making stuff! I want to ease back in (hoping I haven’t forgotten all I’ve learned) and make a pair of earrings for my mom. I love your earring designs…delicate and classy! Have you done any tutorials on them? I’ve never seen any and I think I’ve watched every one of your videos 😉 but thought I’d check…not sure I want to tackle it without a lil help. If you can think of one you’ve done, or something similar, please let me know. I think I can handle the casing itself (have even forgotten the name of the parts)…i think it’s the actual hooks and small details that scare me. Yours look so stable and your curves are so perfectly shaped. Would you have any videos or tips on making the attachments? I’ve got a small pair of teardrop shaped imperial jasper stones in mind. I’d love any help you can send my way!! Someone commented how they love seeing Cold Feet Studio emails in their inbox – I know the feeling!! It’s so exciting to see updates – can’t ever wait to see more, more, more!! No pressure 😉


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      Hi Jill. I can’t remember if I have anything on earrings, but I’d be happy to make something for you. I’m pretty bored right now so it will give me something to do. What was you thinking? Long, short? Is there anything I’ve made that you’d like me to go over for you? Perhaps you can send a link to a few that you have in mind?

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    Bored? With all of your talents?? My head swims every time I look at all of the beautiful things you create and I always wonder how one person could have been given so much talent. And then I wonder how on earth anyone could find the time and motivation…when I look at your pottery, your quilts, your paintings, etc…I feel like a slug (and even I am in a constant struggle to get through life’s daily necessities just so I can get to my craft time)!! When I see your stuff, I get inspired to DO more and spend less time THINKING of all the things I can’t wait to do!
    I was so happy to see your reply..
    You really are so awesome and generous to even be willing to help me😀. The earrings I have in mind are these beauties:

    They’re so dainty and perfect…I just worry about how to make a hook that will be strong enough to “hold”…I’m probably making it seem harder than it actually is, but for some reason, when I watch your videos I get an extreme amount of confidence. I rewind and rewind and watch every single movement over and over and try to copy it exactly as you do it WHILE I’M DOING IT haha…so any kind of little tutorial on how to make the earring hook attachments would be so awesome. I’ve got the bezel and backing down pretty well. My fear is making the wire part look decent and not looking like a flimsy preschool project.

    If you end up doing a little video on that, you’d be contributing to the sucesss of a beautiful pair of earrings!!😃

    Thanks for everything you do,


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    I made this after watching tons of your videos!! Not perfect or symmetrical (this was the good angle) but so proud of myself!! Thanks😃 for inspiring me!!


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      That’s so cool! Thank you for showing me 🙂 I haven’t been able to get to the earrings yet, but hopefully soon.

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