I woke up dreaming that my dad had died 🙁 Very sad. It set my day off badly. I called my dad and he was fine, but I still felt sad.

So, today has been a drooping day. All of me is drooping, especially my face which kind of bothers me as it also feels as though thick sludge stuff is trying to ooze out of my skin, and, of course, now I’m older I have more skin for it to ooze out of. So there is a lot of thick, heavy, sort of greenish/grey sludge stuff, everywhere. I’m trying to visualize it as a form of face mask, you know, the happy, nurturing, cucumber on the eyes sort of face mask, but it’s not working. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had a face mask before so my visualization is off. I don’t know.

So I made a cup of tea and found N sitting on the sofa watching Animal Cops, or something like that, about all the poor abused animals that the S.P.C.A. goes around rescuing. That cheered me up 🙁

So I went into the studio and stood there looking at all the stuff I could do.

Then I walked over to the chair and sat there looking at all the stuff I could do.

Then I came back into the house for another cup of tea – the procrastinator’s friend – but it was obviously an Animal Cop marathon, or something, because those animals were still on the t.v., and, to make it worse, Sarah McLachian kept coming on singing, The Eyes of the Angels, in that sad animal abuse advert. Look away people, save yourselves, is my only response to that. Especially when you’re having a drooping day.

Finally, Sarah, and the idea that I could listen to my new book, got me back into the studio.

I finished the Death Book the other day, which was quite handy considering, and had bought, and already started listening to, a Neil Gaimon book – Neverwhere. I chose him after I listened to his commencement speech, and because we already have a few of his children’s books in the house. Now he seems like a really nice person and I think we could be friends, but, and I hate to admit this, I had to stop listening to it. I liked listening to his voice, I liked listening to his words, I guess I just wasn’t up for listening to the story he was telling at that moment. Which is a shame. So instead I settled on my old, go to, genre, murder mystery, and chose (sorry Neil) The Keeper of Lost Causes by Jussi Adler- Olsen.  I can’t tell you that it’s any better than Neil’s book, but, a good murder sorts everybody out, doesn’t it. Put’s life into some perspective.

Here is an update of my finger painting.

(I have to admit to using a pallet knife also.)

This kept me happy this afternoon.

No drooping allowed when you get caught up with making something.

Last Modified on 13th October 2015
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  1. Love a good murder mystery! So sorry about your bad dream. I had a dream not long ago about my mother-in-law who has passed away. I woke up feeling so sad.

    • i know. it’s just sad isn’t it.

      i’ve been hooked on murder mysteries for a while now. must be something going on in my subconscious … 🙂

  2. Julia

    I knew you must be sad…I understand…I worry so much about my Mom but for her, it would be a blessing considering her current condition. So glad it was a “bad dream” and not a sad reality.

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