A disturbance in the ranks.

The troops are gathering.

And they’re looking pretty determined.

Wally is keeping a close eye on them, whilst appearing nonchalant.

And Spencer is on high alert.

In a shrewd feign of guarding the jewels.

Pickles, not photographed here, is undercover.

Some might think that she is slightly ashamed of her body weight, but she is, in fact, a stealth cat bred for her amazing ability to avoid detection in covert operations.

Everyone is in their place. The atmosphere tense. Now, we just have to figure out why …

because it beats me.



Also started.

From past experience I can tell you that this last ‘started’ will probably not be ‘finished’ but will remain in a suspended state until I get my act together.

The act of which is also suspended …

Until un-suspended, it will bore a hole in my nerves until I throw all caution to the wind and decide to ignore my lack of faith and attempt to finish it.

Then I will promptly ruin it and vow never to pick up a paint brush again – until the next time.

Off now to make some more jewelry for Spencer to protect.

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  1. Love your secret agent kitties – and your started painting. Beautiful!

  2. Fun post. Love those faces on the mantel.

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