Depressing boxes and dismembered arms.

This weekend has been apartment hunting weekend. B starts working in Austin today. Nothing like leaving things to the last minute I say. I’m pleased for her, and us. She graduated in May and has been home since then. Love her to pieces, but, enough already. Trouble is now she wants to take all of our furniture. Somehow she manages to tell it like she’s all alone now, and furnitureless. We fall for it every time. The kids look sad and sorry and we say ahhh, poor things, and give them all we have. All I can hope for now is that they leave us enough for the old people’s home.

She graduated as a graphic designer. She’ll be wanting a drafting table next. Unfortunately I have one of those. Maybe she wont notice.

Why are all the apartments so depressing? We must have looked at eleven of them on Saturday and only two of them felt as though you wouldn’t have to kill yourself after living in them for a month. The one she picked was nice, loads of windows and very open. $900 a month though. How do people manage? There were cheaper ones, but, like I said, if she lived in one of those she wouldn’t be around to even see a pay rise so she could move into a nicer one because she would be dead, in her chair, in the pitiful box she called home. I feel happier with her in this one. It seems safe, and happy. It’s on the third floor though. I think this is strategic planning so I’d have trouble getting up there with my stiff knees. Maybe she wont get our furniture after all.

We passed this car on the way to Austin.

I was a little worried that they didn’t know there was an arm hanging out of their trunk. P wouldn’t flag them over.

Other news.

This has taken a turn for the better, I think.


new bracelets happening daily.

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  1. Ellen Killinger

    IKEA is a great place to fill up an apartment!!! There’s one in Round Rock, just north of Austin! They deliver too!!!

    • i know 🙂 she’s been dropping hints since she decided to live in austin lol

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