Why everyone’s on the moon and is there a good reason why I haven’t thought about getting them off yet.

Yes you heard right, the moon.

I stumbled upon this on-line e-course, that, for some reason I’ll never fully understand, I signed up for. I think I was having a ‘moment’. I’ve written about my moments before. Some of them are dark, moping, droopy moments. Some swirling, anxiety, omg moments. And I’m sure there are plenty other moments in the whole spectrum of moment psychology which I’ve chosen to not admit to. I think the moment I was having at that moment was the one that made me think I needed to take this e course. (Don’t ask me – I still don’t understand).

Anyway, the fact is I’ve only watched the first video, but, it was quite interesting. It was about cleaning out your house, the house in question being your psychological house, but, darn if my real house doesn’t need cleaning too. How did she know! She starts with getting everyone out of your house. Everyone, even your kids and husband, if you have kids and husbands, which is kind of ironic as I’ve been trying to get the kids out for a while now. They all went off to college, and then they all came back again! Now you tell me, is that wrong or what? The exercise is that some people who used to be in your house you might allow back on the porch, some in the garden or the sidewalk, etc. until you have a clear idea of who is healthy to have around and who brings you down, then you can start letting them back into your house. You get the idea. Some people you might need to send further. Particularly worrisome people might have to visit Africa, although that only makes sense if you don’t already live in Africa. Then, she says, there are the Moon People.

At that point I started to get a bit worried about favouritism and who should go where and for what reason and it all got to be too complicated. So I decided to put everyone on the moon. Then I started to think about all the people who would still be too close even if they were on the moon, and, also the moon is rather cool I think and perhaps even too nice for some people, so I started working through the other planets, but they all seemed too close, you know, being in my universe and all, so finally, out of ideas and getting a bit desperate I decided that these people must go into the black hole. For the time being you understand. Only then I got caught up with life without moments and forgot to watch the second video and now everyone’s still up there. I feel as though this is unfinished business. There has been no closure. And that the whole exercise, while quite freeing I have to admit, has left me slightly more worried than before I started.

To all my Peeps I feel that I must explain. There really is no need to feel upset that you are on the moon, I did it only so that I didn’t discriminate, (well, except for the black hole people that is. Maybe they should come back to the moon). I imagine you all in some kind of statis really. Happily bobbing around, just hanging out. Down here, in real life, you’re all still around, but I really must get down to watching that second video soon.

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  1. So funny! I’ve heard of putting people in the doghouse, but never on the moon. Has it been peaceful with everyone else away?

    • yes 🙂 i have a definite light feeling 🙂 you should try it.

  2. I suppose that by commenting here I’m making myself a part of your reality, which means I’m automatically sent to the moon. Or to the nice black hole…?
    Interesting exercise.

    • you know it is interesting. i thought at one point that perhaps i should be the one to go to the moon, more convenient, but then i woke up.
      i think you’ll be safe from the black hole 😉

  3. Beth

    I have to admit I’ve felt like I was in a black hole for some time now. I think you know why. I put myself in there possibly due to personal events. I hope I get back on the moon again, then towards the nearest star, hopefully.

  4. ha! this is hysterical. love your sense of humor and spending way too much time checking out the rest of your blog as dinner needs to be made, laundry folded, bills paid, etc. thanks for the distraction! so glad i found your blog through an etsy blog team.

    • hi lisa, i spend way too much time on here also. love your little happy painting 🙂

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