It’s all good.

This weekend was moving in day for B.

I feel as though every bone in my body is broken, (O.K. well maybe just my shins and ankles), and I wont be able to walk again anytime soon. I’m also tired and my face is puffy. I think this is a mystery ailment. I’m probably allergic to heavy lifting.

O.K. so I didn’t lift anything heavy but I did walk up four flights of stairs with light things – occasionally. There must be a physics formula out there somewhere that makes that equivalent to lifting heavy boxes.

One thing for sure is that I am unfit and unhealthy.

I’d like to say here that this is where it stops. That my life is going to change because it’s enough already with the moaning about my weight. But I’m such a drop out when it comes to commitment 🙁

So, I’m just going to try, because, my shins hurt and my ankles feel broken and I’m having to hobble around with my puffy face and it’s all making me feel old, and like a grandmother even though I’m not one, and even though there are grandmothers out there that are more fit than I am, (I’ve seen them), and that it’s not fair of them …

I’m not whining you understand.

So, now I’m even more tired and want to cry. (Whining is not for the faint of heart, obviously).


B looks happy.

She is free at last.

We spent the first night there with her, as well as loads of money. Loads of trips to grocery stores, Target stores, World Market store, Ikea stores. All those happy home building stores that I never want to set foot in again – at least for a week.

But, it’s all good.

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  1. Beth

    Moving and major house cleaning is for the big brawny muscular types. I did major cleaning this weekend (still in purge junk mode) and felt like my body was forever injured on Monday too. Must be the kids grown and out of house stage we are all feeling these days. We are older, so it is time for the kids to do the heavy lifting for us. I know this from experience too!

    • i’m definitely feeling it. i think if anyone else moves i might just be away that day …

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