Modigliani, James Bond, and, giant apes.

Modigliani is one of my favourite artists.

I have quite a lot of favourite artists, but, his work gets me every time.

I have a huge poster of one of his paintings in my quilt room, and, now this is my phone wallpaper.

Makes me want to use my phone all of the time.

Do I have enough minutes?

Man, I need to check.

Did you know that his, I don’t think she was his wife, threw herself out of the window after his death. She was nine months pregnant.

You should watch the movie.

It’s full of bits like that.

It was nice to have B back for Thanksgiving, she seems to have recovered nicely from her accident.

She’ll drive back to Austin today in our nice BIG land cruiser which, hopefully, will come back to us in one piece as she waits to get herself a new car.

But, before that.

Bond, James Bond is calling us.

I have to wait until a movie’s been out for a few weeks before I go as I can’t stand the idea that if I don’t get there early enough I might have to sit too close to the screen. Remember the days when that was the thing? The closer the better. The last time I had to sit way in the front was when we went to see Congo (I know, don’t ask), and, aside from the neck ache, the Indian meal we had eaten prior to the movies just didn’t seem to sit well, what with the huge decapitated head rolling towards me and almost landing in my lap. It was touch and go, I’ll tell you. I kept having to check out the distance to the nearest restroom – just in case.

No, it’s the back of the cinema for me thank you very much.

Also, one of the many benefits of waiting to see a movie is that the likely hood of sitting right next to the woman chomping down on her mountain of popcorn is reduced to one in ten thousand.

King George was already having trouble with his speech. I could hardly stand it.

And, don’t get me going on germs.

Have these people not seen Outbreak?

Ebola is the last thing I need before Christmas!

So, B’s off later this afternoon. James will hopefully save the world – again. And, as for me, it’s back to the quilt.

Much safer considering.

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