I can’t stand,

The hatred. The anger. The discrimination. The fear.

I can’t stand ignorance. Prejudice. Violence. Terrorism.

Anything, in fact, that presumes one being is more important than another.

I can’t stand the fact that we can’t seem to get that we are all here together. That we are one.

That we shouldn’t need guns to allay our fear, or to fuel our arrogance or to express our pain.

That we should simply care for and protect each other as we live in this world.

Perhaps if we shifted our effort away from our fight to own guns and concentrated instead on aiding the mentally ill and those suffering from poverty, hunger and disease as we would our own family. Perhaps if, as people of one world, we learned to commune, and share and try to understand each other. Perhaps if we concentrated on education and the well-being of our young, and our old, and our sick. Perhaps if we all stood by what we know is true in our hearts and became more involved instead of letting the world drift by in a haze of ambivalence. Perhaps then we will begin to see true purpose in our lives. Because I know I’ve lost mine.

Yes, I am an idealist, and, as such, I know that I am defeated before I begin. But, I would rather stand knowing I am part of a whole than fractured by narcissistic endeavours that benefit only me and mine.

No, I don’t believe in a god, and that might offend some people, but, I do believe in humanity, and I hope, as I go on, to be able to live up to what I know is right in my heart.

As I hope we all might.


I feel terrible sorrow for the people of Connecticut.

When will we begin to learn?

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  1. dicklespot

    I have been unable to articulate anything I have felt over the last two days. Thank you for saying precisely what I have been thinking. One thing I have taken away from this tragic event is that I have been far too quiet regarding my disdain for guns and the blatant bastardization of our constitutional right to bear arms. We’ve let this go on far too long and it has to end. Now.

    • thank you.

      i began to worry after i posted this that perhaps this isn’t the right forum, that i will offend people, that i would sound self righteous, etc. etc.
      Mostly this blog is about finding my confidence, not spouting my views but i guess sometimes we need to vent, especially in the light of such terrible suffering.

  2. dicklespot

    I understand your reservations. I’m generally a mediator/compromiser and do not wish to offend anyone. But I’m suddenly tired of being silent. I have strong opinions on so many matters (not just gun control) and I want to be heard. Perhaps this is my mid-life crisis? 🙂

    • perhaps it’s both of ours 😉 and i don’t think it’s such a bad thing.

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