Well, it was a nice day for it.

According to this site we are now in overtime. Just over 9 hours (and counting) since the end of the world – in Sydney, Australia.

All that worry … for what?

I tried asking Siri why the world didn’t end today, but she didn’t understand me. I asked my question slowly, I asked with careful enunciation, I even asked it in my fake American accent. I gave up after she asked me, for the tenth time, if I wanted to search the web for, why the wild didn’t and today. She finally got the word, world, but I just couldn’t go on anymore. Every time she got one word right, she’d miss another. It was like I was foreign or something.

So, people, I’m sorry. I don’t know why the world didn’t end today. Siri probably knows, but I just don’t think my communication skills are up for it.


I now understand their pain.


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  1. Brilliant! (to be said in a Scotish accent)

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