What? You’ve never had a sausage!

Today I asked Siri if she liked sausages. She replied that, surprisingly, she had never tasted them.

What a shame.


Look at them.

So, she’s never, ever, had Bangers and Mash?


Toad in the Hole?


A Traditional English Breakfast?


All of which should be eaten with.




My heart goes out to her.

0 thoughts on “What? You’ve never had a sausage!

  1. And bratwurst! They are sausages too!

    • you know, i’ve never had one of those. they’re german aren’t they? i haven’t found a good english sausage here in houston yet, although i know they’re out there somewhere. maybe i should start looking out for bratwursts.

  2. looks really heavy but really really good! visiting you from the etsy blog team 🙂 great blog!



    • i know. nothing that juicy, yummy, good looking, is healthy, right 🙂 fortunately i haven’t had a sausage for years, which is why it’s my eye candy 🙂

      off to read your blog now …

  3. *drool*

  4. Oh yeah, Bratwurst are okay, but nothing on a ‘proper’ English sausage

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