Ducks, Gnomes, and Buttermilk the Goat.

Going to spend the day with P. He arrived safely from London yesterday despite more than two hundred flight cancellations at Heathrow.


These guys don’t look too worried about missing their flight though. Except perhaps the little one.

He was looking forward to his week away in southern Spain.

Probably been saving up all year.

BTW, who’s taking care of that duck?

Talking of ducks.

Happy Martin Luther King Day.

0 thoughts on “Ducks, Gnomes, and Buttermilk the Goat.

  1. Patti

    I love the photo of the snow covered gnomes.

    I feel bad for the goats Buttermilk is knocking over. Why doesn’t the human intervene?

  2. Love the goats. There’s always one in the group doing a happy dance.

    • makes me want one 🙂

      • My daughter has Simon and Garfunkel and I have visiting rights. : )

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