Lookee here.

At this new lovely.

Joy Elizabeth Ceramics
Joy Elizabeth Ceramics

No you can’t have it because it’s mine.

It’s a pie flue and it’s now going to be part of my collection. Of course, it’s never going to see the inside of a pie, for that I have my super everyday pie flue, one that I’ve had for years and years. This one from Joy Elizabeth is too special to use. You have to just look at it and smile, and that’s just as good as eating a fabulous steak pie, but not one with kidneys in it because that would be nasty.


Did you know that there was a national pie day? Me neither. And, apparently there’s an American Pie Council to prove it. At home it appears there’s a British Pie Week.Β 

Who knew.

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  1. Ellen Killinger

    Lovely. Would you like one for your birthday? Are you eating outside your home? If so, I would like to take you out for your birthday? I’m leaving this weekend for Louisiana, for a JuicePlus training. Be back on Sunday (your birthday). Perhaps, next week. I’m free on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
    Take your pick and let me know!

    • yes! that would be great. been thinking about you. you sure are getting around πŸ˜‰

      • Ellen Killinger

        What do you mean “getting around?” Who have you been talking to? πŸ˜‰

  2. Love it! I knew right away it was Joy Elizabeth’s. I just ordered two bowls from her that I am giving as a wedding gift. Her stuff is wonderful.

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