Not quite.

Well, it’s not coming along too badly.


We’ve definitely got some Pepto Bismol stuff going on, and it’s pretty boring on the whole, but I haven’t quite given up yet, although I’m sorely tempted to set the oil pastels on it, which is a sure-fire way for it to end up in the trash.

Here’s its progress.




Now, to tone down the antacid and try to get a little excitement back.

On a side note, S, in his rebellious stage, painted his bedroom Pepto Bismol pink a few years back.

Last laugh on him though as he had to live with it for a year before I let him paint it back to a more manly shade of – well, anything really.

Can you imagine. It makes me want to throw up just looking at it in this painting. I couldn’t cope with waking to it each morning. Probably explains why he went through his falling asleep on the couch period.

Note to S. I will always win.

Give up now.

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