Someone please tell me.

How this can possibly be $4,200?

Shiho Kanzaki

(Pete’s Pots – any ideas?)

It’s beautiful, and I was very attracted to it, and I thought to myself –

Myself, this would be a great addition to your pottery collection don’t you think?

But Myself wasn’t sure. So we looked at the price.

Good grief, heavens to betsy, and other expletives not really appropriate here, LOOK AT THE PRICE!

How can anyone justify spending that much money on a piece of pottery?

Maybe I’m just a miserly old goat.

It’s possible.


0 thoughts on “Someone please tell me.

  1. No idea, but I’m obviously undercharging. Mine are about $6 (UK equivalent)……

    • Wow, big difference! I think perhaps you should take a leaf from our friend Shiho here. Actually, I feel a bit bad talking about him behind his back. Good luck to him if he can get those prices, maybe he needs it.

  2. daniross0413

    WTF!!! Maybe you are paying for the “Name” but I never heard of him or his pottery – have you? After looking at his page, apparently he has a very high price tag on all his pieces. I am like you – I LOVE pottery but not for that much. LOL!

    • Perhaps. I do know that the whole Japanese pottery thing is very much the aristocracy of the pottery world, whether we believe it to be or not. Lot of history behind it. But, even that can get a bit overrated in my opinion.

  3. Beth

    Maybe the glaze is made out of diamond dust. MMMM can you use diamond dust in glazes? If I bought that pot I would not have one to pee in.

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