When people come to stay with you for three weeks,

And you can’t go into your studio because that would just be rude,

remember …



Otherwise things that you accidentally might have bought using that easily abused mouse, come to your door, and keep coming, and you have to put them in a little blue baggy thing,


And hide them away before your, longing to get into the studio but can’t just now, spending habit becomes known to the other people who live in the house with you.

I mean, it’s such a small bag, surely I can’t have spent that much!

Disguised in the blue baggy thing I managed, (just you understand), to smuggle the items, (which, by the way, are still coming) into the studio, but it’s not good. ( I wasn’t in the blue baggy you understand, although perhaps that might have helped) …

The madness has to stop.

Why can’t I just spend the money on new clothes, or something.

Food for the kids perhaps?

We may never know …

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