Happening stuff

I’ve been adding new pieces of jewelry to my Tictail shop.

I’m quite pleased with Tictail. It’s easy to use and I think it looks nice. So far not many sales so I guess I’d better get my act together and take my chicken boots off and start handing out business cards. I was going to ask to leave some at the hairdressers this morning, but accidentally, on purpose, left them at home.

No hope for me yet.

But, I did send out postcards 🙂


I think they came out pretty good.

If you need some you can get them from vistaprint

I’ve haven’t seen one in person yet, but you can put the addresses on the card along with the postage which saves a lot of fussing and post officing later.

I’ve always worried about my photographs, but think they’re definitely getting better.

Oh the burdens of being a perfectionist …

I’ve also been working on some rack cards which are longer. I’ve been thinking of leaving them in shops for wholesale, but I haven’t quite got my head around the wholesale thing yet so I keep procrastinating.


They’re pretty much the same, but I thought I could get more information on the back.

I don’t know, I might just stick with the postcards.

So that’s what I’ve been up to.

That and finishing the quilt.

I think I’ve got about 36 stitches to go then I’m done. I’ve only been quilting in the evenings, but I’ve been dragging my feet over it a little. It’s still in time for Christmas though so I consider that a success 🙂

I also was just able to send $2,000 to Care for the Philippines. So I’m pleased about that.


Oh, and I’ve also been working on my mailing list.

Like a big girl.


It’s all happening at my house 🙂

What have you been doing?

0 thoughts on “Happening stuff

  1. So wonderful that you’re sending money to the Philippines! And I like the postcards a lot–I had business cards made but haven’t had the nerve to give them to anyone but family.

    • Kerry I’d have one of your cards any day 🙂

      • See?! I didn’t even send one when I sent your candy! It’s an issue . . . 😉

        • 🙂 omg, I have those too!
          Well, I’ll just have to buy some more candy 🙂

  2. I just received your post card in the mail yesterday – what a great idea!! I may have to “borrow” the concept!

    I think the photographs look wonderful! the layout is great, did you design it yourself? And I’m liking all the pieces in your Etsy shop. Also poking around in your tictail shop. I haven’t heard of that. Looks very professional!! And only your work is featured; that’s nice. Do they do any promotion for you? I’m looking at their site but I can’t seem to find what sort of commission they charge. Bah! I can’t keep up with listing things on Etsy!!! Can’t keep up with making things to SELL on Etsy!

    Just thought I’d say hi and let you know I like the postcard!

    bye now!


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