Alarm 1 / Sleep 0.

I had such good intentions for today.

I was going to pretend I was a grown up and take my jewelry seriously.


I was going to quit painting and make beautiful cabochony necklaces and silvery bracelets instead.

But then the power went out at 11 pm last night, which was great as it was so quiet with no a/c, fridge, pumps etc., going. And it was night time, so no need for electricity. Right?

At 4 am the house alarm went off. The electricity hadn’t come back on so I bravely had P go check everything while I had some juice.

It was quite bright as the Christmas lights on the house opposite, where the electricity had chosen not to go out, were shining like a hallelujah moment.

Everything seemed fine.

Just as we settled back to sleep, the electricity man came and parked outside our house. P said it was a slightly early school bus, so I made him get up and look for being so ridiculous.

That will teach him not to recognize the sound of two utility vans with flashing lights and motors running sitting on your doorstep.

I mean what school bus has flashing lights?

I forgave the utility vans as they were saving the world, one transformer at a time.

We settled back to sleep.

Five minutes later our alarm went off again.

And again. And again. And again.

First at five minute intervals then at three until our brains exploded and began to seep out of our ears.

Turns out the alarm had been on the back up battery all night and was now running low and screaming out for a service, which was all well and good but no matter how much we told it to stay calm and that we’d get it help first thing in the morning, it just went on and on with its temper tantrum until we couldn’t go on any more.

We pressed all its buttons, calmly at first in that, we’re the boss of you, way, but couldn’t turn the darn thing off and eventually had to call the nice alarm lady who helped us find its reactor core so that we could pull all the cords out and shut it down.

It was touch and go let me tell you.

So now, I am really, really, tired. Like my face is falling off tired. And all my good intentions have gone out the window.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be a fearless jewelry maker, but for now I’m going to work up enough energy to get out of bed before I have to take Spencer the One Eye Wonder to the vets.

He’s very, very old and needs lots of love and attention.

So I will leave you with a doodle.


And a pic of Wally Walnut.


I keep telling him that he doesn’t have to bow down to me, that I consider him an equal, but who can stop adoration at its highest.

I do feed him after all.

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  1. Such a fun post to read, even if you’re too tired to know! What an awful night! And I think you made the right decision to stay out of the jewelry studio–too many ways a tired person can hurt herself!

    • Well, I did finally go into the studio, but eventually felt it was a waste of time as all my jewelry making skills went out of the window and everything went wrong. No injuries though so can’t all be bad 🙂

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