The Purple Tentrilled Whooping Stalk


This particular variety of Tendrillus Boutonius is found on the rolling plains of  the Copstan Region of Middle Kowlandis, and, as unfortunately discovered by Audenberry’s field hand, Dudley Hargrove, is poisonous to the touch.

Dudley, now fully recovered from his agonizing experience, has vowed to, ‘never be within three feet of this godawful specimen again.’

0 thoughts on “The Purple Tentrilled Whooping Stalk

  1. Oh dear! It’s strange when beautiful things like this turn out to be so harmful. Nature is funny…thanks for sharing!

    • I know, right! But it’s always the most beautiful that is the most deadly.

  2. Poor Dudley! So glad he’s going to be okay–he can warn others . . .

    • Kerry, I was just thinking of you today. That dark chocolate sample you sent, (did it have cranberries in it? I can’t remember now), was absolutely delicious. And I don’t like dark chocolate! It was so creamy. Thank you.

      • Oh, glad you liked it! It must’ve been the bark with dried sour cherries and toasted pumpkin seeds–that’s my mom’s favorite! Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday!

  3. Yikes, poor guy! At least this representation turned out beautifully, I love the colors!

    • Thanks. We all suffer for our art as Dudley can attest to, only he was suffering for somebody else’s art.

      • However, he has resigned himself, somewhat, to suffering for the science of plants.

  4. Ellen Killinger


    • Five hundred billion dollars!!!
      In small bills please.

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